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Re: [Racine Schitzowitz] - get laid a little better

On Sun, 25 Nov 2007 20:24:22 +0100, Hadron wrote:

> "Clogwog" <BWAHAHAHAAA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> "Hadron" <hadronquark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
>> news:71eo15-vv6.ln1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> "Clogwog" <BWAHAHAHAAA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>> "Peter Köhlmann" <peter.koehlmann@xxxxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht
>>>> news:fia2fk$s7u$00$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> < snip Köhlmann droppings >
>>>> The Peter Köhlmann Troll Feeder. Will feed any troll - spares no
>>>> one. Gives short shrift to idiots - no mercy Peter Kohlmann is ultra
>>>> German, and an ultra-idiot. Rarely is right. He'll admit to using
>>>> Windows, then in the next post claim he is not a Windows user. A full
>>>> blow hypocrite. He enjoys techno music and Krispy Kreme
>>>> Doughnuts. Nickname: PIK (Peter Idiot Kohlmann), the usenet Nazi and
>>>> COLA regular. His known aliases include: chrisv, Mark Kent, Flatfish,
>>>> John Bailo, ml2mst AKA Marti T. van Lin, Oxford, Simon Cooke,
>>>> Cola_masturbater, Cola_moderator, Jeff Relf, William Poaster, Roy
>>>> Culley, Tholan, Snit, and the list goes on. Also see PIK aka Peter
>>>> Köhlmann, a confessed closet homosexual, in his lederhosen.
>>>> http://www.angelfire.com/psy/doctorbill/Culley_aka_Kohlmann_aka_Kent.jpg
>>>> Congratulatons Peter, your in two blogs now: the trolls blog and the
>>>> idiots blog!
>>>> http://colatrolls.blogspot.com/
>>>> http://linuxidiots.blogspot.com/
>>> Who maintains those blogs?
>> The ml2mst twat thinks it's me. As always he's wrong. But additional
>> contributions to the blog are being processed!
> Was there ever a poster (other than Mark Kent, Willy Boaster, Roy
> Spamowitz or High Plains Snorefest) as wrong in so many posts as
> "ml2mst"? Shudder. I suddenly recall him posting up jpegs of his
> heroes/crushes including Roy Schestowitz. How creepy was that?!?!?!?!?!?

You're a liar. Not to mention a totally prejudiced dickhead. Do you go
gay bashing, perhaps? YOu obviously missed the posts where ml2mst
explained the function of the hackwerx poster. Is it your serious
contention that no gay person can admire anyone of the same sex without
it being because they are attracted to them 

> All I could think of was how soon he had forgotten his ex partner and
> the wonderful times he used to describe in such graphic detail

Oh come off it, you liar.

> here. Although why he thinks COLA Advocates want to know about his back
> door shenanigans is quite beyond me. Still, it takes all sorts I
> suppose. If Mark keeps talking about the PS3 and his "number 2 son" then

Have you some *reasonable* objection to anyone talking about their family
here? Is there some injunction against it?

> I guess it's pretty much a free for all and, after all is said and done,
> we must respect everyones chosen lifestyle regardless of how "deviant"
> it might appear to certain religions or closeted, small minded,
> conservative types.

God in heaven but you're a real prick, aren't you? Never mind all the
lying filth trolls concoct. You're not at all worried about *that* are
you? You're quite happy to see slander addressed against any of the Linux
advocates here without any demur whatever. That makes you a total


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