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[News] Mathematica Supports OpenDocument Format

  • Subject: [News] Mathematica Supports OpenDocument Format
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 00:24:48 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Mathematica Supports ODF for Spreadsheets

,----[ Quote ]
| [PJ: Note Mathematica is claiming full import/export for ODF. Here's the 
| import explanation, and note the lovely graphic. And here's the import/export 
| page, showing all the other formats it can handle. I wonder if this could be 
| used for our tables conversion work on monthly statements in the bankruptcy? 
| Even if not, it's another application on the list of applications that 
| support ODF.]     


ODF is as 'dead' as the SPAM epidemic (which spreads, despite Bill Gates'
promises and outright lies).


ODF Alliance hails record growth in application support for ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| In total, there are now more than two dozen ODF-supporting text, spreadsheet, 
| and presentation applications announced in the past three months 


ODF a National Standard in Korea

,----[ Quote ]
| The proposal for ODF to be accepted as a Malaysian Standard by SIRIM, 
| Department of Standards Malaysia and ultimately the Minister of Science, 
| Technology & Innovation is dormant for more than a year now. Four months 
| after the Malaysian proposal went to sleep, Italy made ODF a National 
| Standard. Eight months after that, Korea has followed suit. With this Korean 
| news, perhaps the Malaysian proposal will be awakened.     


Obama Voices Support for ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenDocument Format supporters are welcoming presidential hopeful Sen. Barack 
| Obama's promise to put government data online in universally accessible 
| formats should he be elected.ODF a National Standard in Korea  

Open IT has arrived: US presidential candidates campaigning for it

,----[ Quote ]
| When U.S. presidential candidates start promoting their open-source and 
| open-document platforms, you know that the open-source movement has finally 
| arrived.  


South Africa adopts ODF as govt standard

,----[ Quote ]
| The South African government yesterday announced the adoption of OpenDocument 
| Format (ODF) as a standard for government communications. 


Malaysia formally embraces open doc format

,----[ Quote ]
| The Malaysian government today announced plans to adopt open standards and 
| the Open Document Format (ODF) within the country's public sector. 
| [...]
| In July this year, Japan became the first country in the Asia-Pacific region 
| to embrace open software standards. Last August, the United Nations urged 
| countries in the region to adopt the ODF.  


Government of Japan Embraces Open Software Standards

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenDocument Format Alliance (ODF Alliance), the leading organization 
| advocating for openness and accessibility to government documents and 
| information, today congratulated Japan for adopting a policy under which 
| government ministries and agencies will solicit bids from software vendors 
| whose products support internationally recognized open standards.    


Netherlands Picks ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| Frank Heemskerk, Minister of Economic Affairs, announced today that ODF will 
| be the standard for reading, publishing and the exchange of information for 
| all governmental organisations. The deadline is January 2009.  


OpenDocument and Qt fonts goodness

,----[ Quote ]
| Like South Africa Adopts ODF, German Foreign Office comes out in favor of ODF 
| and there are various articles going over how Holland and Belgium are 
| steadilly switching governments but also schools over to ODF.  



,----[ Quote ]
| Contents
|     * 1 United States
|           o 1.1 Massachusetts
|                 + 1.1.1 References
|           o 1.2 Other states and organizations in the US
|                 + 1.2.1 References
|     * 2 Europe
|           o 2.1 EU Definition of an open standard
|           o 2.2 United Kingdom
|                 + 2.2.1 Bristol City Council
|           o 2.3 Belgium
|           o 2.4 Finland
|           o 2.5 Slovakia
|     * 3 Other governments
|           o 3.1 Australia
|           o 3.2 India
|           o 3.3 Japan
|           o 3.4 Malaysia
|           o 3.5 Peru
|           o 3.6 Vietnam
|           o 3.7 Other
|     * 4 See also
|     * 5 References


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