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Re: Microsoft struggling to convince about Vista

____/ Linonut on Friday 23 November 2007 18:16 : \____

> * amicus_curious fired off this tart reply:
>> Ask yourself the honest question in regard to your own achievements.  Have
>> you ever done anything that made the slightest change in the way that the
>> world behaves?  I have ...
> What have /you/ done?
>> and Bill Gates certainly has and even Linus Torvalds
>> has,  But has [H]omer the Loon?  I doubt it.  And if I am wrong, I would
>> apologize if you were to give any hint of what that might have been and
>> could describe how you managed to do it.
>> Such an overdone allegory is a poor way to show that you have any aptitude
>> for cleverness, [H]omer!  You look foolish and shallow.  You also show a
>> complete lack of understanding of how poker is played, but I doubt that
>> ocurred to you.
> Again, one has to ask, what have /you/ done?

Certainly not a pair of shoes... not for $1.20 for 12 hours of work (10 cents
an hour with limitation on water and toilet breaks).


                ~~ Best of wishes

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