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Re: [Rival] Microsoft Criminal Sells Microsoft Shares

____/ Darth Chaos on Friday 23 November 2007 22:16 : \____

> On Nov 23, 4:43 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Microsoft Unit President Sells Shares
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | The president of the entertainment division at software provider Microsoft
>> | Corp. sold 20,000 shares of common stock, according to a Securities and
>> | Exchange Commission filing.
>> `----
>> http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/071121/microsoft_insider_transactions.html?.v=1
>> He was caught inside-trading (i.e. stealing shareholders' money) some months
>> ago. The FTC never investigated probably because Microsoft is above the law
>> and holds the government in its pocket. Proof of inside trading below.
> Microsoft virtually owns all the ponies in the race, Democrat and
> Republican. From Hillary to Obama to Giuliani to McCain.

It's worse. It even owns the Department of Justice.

Microsoft Finds Legal Defender in Justice Dept.

It also owns international bodies.

Is Microsoft Hijacking Open Source?

Governments overseas are affected as well. Microsoft was caught blackmailing
foreign government, which is akin to bribery. I can give examples from the

Microsoft may be above international law and until enough people stand up and
demand change, things will get worse for everyone.

This economic pyramid:

      /    \
    /        \
  /            \

Will become this:

        | |
   ____/  \_____

The MPAA/RIAA and many other industries play a role as well.


,----[ Quote ]
| Sadly, many of these brilliant people have been blinded by the stock
| price and unable to see that Microsoft is also the key architect of
| the greatest financial pyramid scheme this century. 
| It is not uncommon for participants in pyramid schemes to lose their
| emotional bearings. My close friends who work at Microsoft are
| particularly upset over my work and it is possible that even Bill
| Gates and Steve Ballmer do not realize the implications of their
| financial practices.


,----[ Quote ]
| As with all pyramid schemes, it is important to get as close to tier
| 1 as possible. From a practical standpoint, usually only tiers 1 and 2
| will derive significant long-term economic rewards from such schemes.


                ~~ Best of wishes

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