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[News] Free Software versus 'Luxuries'

I like my Software like my Politics

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm a Linux user, which means that my software is all free; free to use, free 
| to modify and free to redistribute. Free as in freedom, as well as free beer. 
| And it's good.  
| [...]
| See, I'd argue for a society where necessities are affordable by everyone, 
| without exception. In Britain today, 380,000 people are homeless1 and one in 
| five pensioners cannot heat more than one room of their homes, while 
| Britain's Wealthiest 1000 people became 20% richer this year. Instead, I 
| campaign for a world in which everyone would be able to afford decent 
| housing, enough food, quality healthcare and education.     


Does MySQL's proprietary Workbench signal that the future of open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Regardless, MySQL is not signaling that its future is proprietary with 
| Workbench Standard Edition. It's just demonstrating that while its core 
| database will be open source, the services around that database need not be. 
| It's a permutation on the Red Hat model: the bits are free, the service is 
| not, both in the sense of free beer and free speech.    



So what is open source code?

,----[ Quote ]
| The drawbacks are that there is not as much money in open source development. 
| Money can be made, but it is easier for the big companies to close things up, 
| get people hooked on their code, then charge them lots for the next upgrade 
| to whatever the big company decides to give them. You can make money from 
| open source, and one way is to do like Terra Soft Solutions (TSS) is doing. 
| Pre installing Linux onto PS3 can make money. Releasing an entire operating 
| system to the paying customers first before releasing it to the public a few 
| weeks later can make money. Selling support can make money. Selling 
| supercomputer services can make money. Did I mention that a variant of Yellow 
| Dog Linux (YDL) is used by TSS to build supercomputers?         


Top Five Open Source Business Models You Never Heard Of

,----[ Quote ]
| The art of “selling” or generating revenue from open source is a topic of 
| growing importance as open source takes a larger piece of the software 
| business. In the past, open source revenue has largely been associated with 
| services marketed by many top tier Linux companies: Support, middleware 
| solutions, etc.    


How to make money by giving stuff away

,----[ Quote ]
| RedHat CFO Charlie Peters said this week that the key to success
| is to "convince customers of the value of moving from free to paid".
| Largely because JBoss is a free download, an estimated 11 million
| people are using it. Now if they can move even a small fraction of
| those customers into the paying column, that will be a significant
| source of revenue.
| [...]
| There is something of a snowball effect here. As you bring more
| people into your "community", the community becomes more attractive
| (because of new content, shared knowledge, buzz, etc.), which drives
| even more people in.


How to use open source as a power marketing tool

,----[ Quote ]
| There are a number of ways traditional software vendors can participate
| in the open source software community. They circulate around open
| source licenses, such as the GNU General Public License (GPL), and
| how to leverage open source software as a marketing tool.
| [...]
| Traditional software vendors need to recognize the shift taking place
| is driven not only by successful open source projects, but also by the 
| rapid and broad adoption of open source in the customer marketplace. The 
| numbers behind open source adoption are compelling. Linux in both the 
| United States and Asia is the fastest growing operating system ever. As 
| measured by hostnames, Netcraft reports that the Internet has grown 26.1 
| percent over the past 12 months, over 67 percent of it served up by open 
| source Apache servers.


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