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Re: Microsoft struggling to convince about Vista

Verily I say unto thee, that Linonut spake thusly:
> * amicus_curious fired off this tart reply:

>> Ask yourself the honest question in regard to your own 
>> achievements.  Have you ever done anything that made the slightest
>> change in the way that the world behaves?  I have ...

Certainly you have. You change the way COLA advocates behave, by
diverting them from advocacy, to defend attacks from Trolls like you.

To "change the way the world behaves" need not be a good thing, as you
rather adequately prove with every one of your posts. Some of the
world's most despicable people have "changed the world", but obviously
not for the better, leaving the rest of us to attempt to change it
/back/, and when we do, we're branded "loons" by the same evil bastards
who perverted the world into a dystopian nightmare to begin with.

Well done; you've "succeeded".

> What have /you/ done?

One thing's for certain; whatever his achievements, (imagined or
otherwise), if any of them /did/ actually benefit society, it was purely
by accident, and not by design. IME, people like amicus_unscrupulous
exist to serve themselves, and no other ... ever. His feigned
"benevolence" is fooling no one.

As for /my/ achievements, I do not set out to "change the world", other
than to play my part in attempting to prevent it from sinking further
into a pit of darkness, ruled by the aforementioned evil bastards. I
have no designs on exploiting others to achieve world domination, so I
can sit in a solid gold bathtub and rub dollar bills over my body,
whilst laughing like a hyena at the sweatshop labourers who facilitated
that exorbitance.

None of the voluntary projects I've ever worked on have earned me so
much as a single penny, nor do I expect any financial rewards for my
participation. Indeed, many of the projects I work on involve software
that I don't even *use* at all; I work on them because *others* have
requested help, and I have the time and determination to find solutions.
My involvement is motivated by curiosity, the challenge of solving
problems, and the satisfaction of helping others. And yes, *sometimes* I
am selfishly motivated ... i.e. because *I* need a solution that nobody
else provides, but I don't then use the results of those endeavours to
exploit people. Unlike Microsoft, and others of their ilk, I am not
motivated by greed, I'm not "competing" with the rest of the world for
domination, and I have nothing to prove ... to anyone. I do what I do;
like it or lump it. I don't seek approval, least of all from scum like

>> Such an overdone allegory is a poor way to show that you have any 
>> aptitude for cleverness, [H]omer!

The point of my "overdone allegory" was to further expose Microsoft,
you, and others like you for the thugs that you are. I have no interest
in whether or not you perceive it as "clever", and indeed had not even
considered the notion. Apparently you did, which says considerably more
about you, than me.

>> You look foolish and shallow.  You also show a complete lack of 
>> understanding of how poker is played, but I doubt that ocurred to 
>> you.

I compare Microsoft to a card mechanic, and you offer a poker lesson.

That tells me everything I need to know about you.

> Again, one has to ask, what have /you/ done?

He helped to "change the world". Now we're suffering the consequences.


| "[Microsoft] are willing to lose money for years and years just to
|  make sure that you don't make any money, either." - Bob Cringely.
|  - http://blog.businessofsoftware.org/2007/07/cringely-the-un.html

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