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Re: [News] Partial iTunes Altenative/Competitor Comes to Linux Desktops

____/ High Plains Thumper on Friday 23 November 2007 00:12 : \____

> Thufir wrote:
>> [H]omer wrote:
>>> Looking at the history of distributed a/v media, they all
>>> "expired", one way or another ... until now.
>>> Ye olde phonographic records had a tendency to shatter,
>>> until vinyl came along ... which was still susceptible to
>>> scratching, and general loss of quality over the years.
>> I never considered that.
> Back in the late 1960's into 1970's, I made copies for personal
> use of vinyl records onto 1/4 inch reel-to-reel tape and cassette.
> Quality of course was not as good as the original, but it was
> definitely acceptable.  Now my tunes were portable.  A 4 inch
> dia. reel-to-reel portable Realistic (RadioShack brand) monaural
> recorder was my "iPod".  (Recorder size was like 12"x10"x4" or
> 30x26x10 cm and 5 lbs or 2.3 kg.)  Since 4 inch was an odd size,
> I used 3.25? inch diameter reels.
> I found that directly recording by wiring from the speaker
> outputs to microphone input provided the best quality.
> With DRM complicating issues, I think one is better off buying
> the CD or DVD, then ripping to make files for use on whatever
> device the owner chooses, Linux devices included.  This is very
> similar to what I did 35 years ago.  Then one does not have to
> mess with DRM and issues thereof.

That was the advice of Bill Gates himself, chairman of the company which says
openly that it likes DRM while pushing away those who oppose DRM. Microsoft
has liaised with the RIAA on numerous occasions. They're a pair.

> I hope that things will not progress to the point where a DRM
> device refuses to play an unsigned audio file, because it thinks
> the copy is illegal.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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