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[News] OpenOffice.org Gets Better While Microsoft Enhances Office Lock-in 'Features'

  • Subject: [News] OpenOffice.org Gets Better While Microsoft Enhances Office Lock-in 'Features'
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 23:41:14 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
OpenOffice’s presentation view

,----[ Quote ]
| Currently OpenOffice’s presentation program Impress lacks a presentation view 
| with notes and so on for a second monitor during presentations. But the 
| feature is in active development, and first results are visible.  


Getting the (Share)Point About Document Formats

,----[ Quote ]
| In companies running the Microsoft enterprise stack, those "sticky business 
| processes" are defined and stored in a program that has a surprisingly low 
| profile, but which may well turn out to be the biggest emerging threat to 
| open source: Sharepoint. One perceptive observer, Alfresco's Matt Asay, had 
| already spotted that threat 18 months ago, and is just as worried today:    
|       The more content you put in - whatever the individual file formats - the 
|       harder it is to get it out, because you're locking it into both a closed 
|       repository *and* a closed Microsoft ecosystem. Even if you manage to get 
|       your content out of Sharepoint it's still set to work on SQL Server with 
|       IIS/ActiveDirectory, etc. Closed. Closed. Closed.    
| Even worse, this same lock-in applies to any ODF documents the user might 
| have. As Asay explains: 
|       Let's assume you store data in ODF in a Sharepoint repository. It doesn't 
|       matter that ODF is an open format. The repository holding it is proprietary, 
|       and that proprietary lock-in is doubled by the fact that the enterprise will 
|       build (proprietary, non-standard) workflows to manage that content which 
|       keeps content a prisoner to Microsoft.    
| In other words, the lock-in occurs not at the document level - the one the 
| ODF community is most focused on - but at the level of the workflow.  



Mainsoft solves SharePoint trap

,----[ Quote ]
| Mainsoft has solved the problem of SharePoint exclusivity, enabling secure 
| data transfers between a SharePoint store and an IBM Websphere portal. 
| [...]
| It won’t be cheap, but it’s going to get easier, for enterprises to escape 
| the SharePoint trap. 


Could SharePoint Be Microsoft’s New Mode of Lock-In?

,----[ Quote ]
| This could be a tough one for IT leaders. Business users are comfortable with 
| Microsoft. They know how to use the Office interface, and apparently like it 
| to the point users will create their own mini-BI tools from Excel and opt out 
| of the corporate system. But, if Asay’s right, vendor lock-in could cause 
| unforeseen problems or major costs down the road.    
| After reading Asay’s column and the interview with Nicholls, at least you’ll 
| know which questions to ask before investing in either SharePoint or an 
| alternative solution.  


Sharepoint and Firefox: no rich editor for you

,----[ From the comment ]
| I am "forced" to use Sharepoint at work, but at least I'd like
| to use my Linux machine to write wiki pages. These guys at MS
| definitely don't know what they're doing...


ECIS Accuses Microsoft of Plotting HTML Hijack

,----[ Quote ]
| An industry coalition that has represented competitors of Microsoft
| in European markets before the European Commission stepped up its
| public relations offensive this morning, this time accusing
| Microsoft of scheming to upset HTML's place in the fabric of
| the Internet with XAML, an XML-based layout lexicon forn
| etwork applications.


Competition for Microsoft & Co.: Mindquarry Forms Up With an Open Source Team

,----[ Quote ]
| Launch for a user friendly and easy to use teamwork software: since 
| Feb. 28th 2007, Mindquarry offers the first Open Source alternative
| to Microsoft's Sharepoint Server or IBM's Lotus Connections.


OpenOffice extension rivals SharePoint

,----[ Quote ]
| The O3OSpaces server is a J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) application,
| built on top of Apache Tomcat and the PostgreSQL database server. The 
| web client uses AJAX, while the Assistant client program is a Java Web 
| Start application.
| Besides StarOffice and OpenOffice.org, companies can use O3Spaces with
| Microsoft Office documents. "While O3Spaces is developed for use with
| OpenOffice.org/StarOffice, it can handle Microsoft Office documents 
| equally well," stated O3Spaces B.V. CEO Rob Mentink. "This is crucial
| for companies and users that work in mixed environments."


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