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[News] [Rival] Shops Join Shoppers in Backlash Against DRM and Record Industry

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Shops Join Shoppers in Backlash Against DRM and Record Industry
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 20:53:30 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
UK retailers to record labels: DRM is killing us

,----[ Quote ]
| Consumers are increasingly dissatisfied with copy protection systems that 
| erode fair use rights and impose limitations on where and how content can be 
| used. To make matters worse, market fragmentation has led to the emergence of 
| incompatible DRM formats which often confuse consumers and leave them 
| wondering whether or not the content they buy will work on all of their 
| electronics devices. That makes file-sharing more attractive for some 
| consumers.      


Six things to be thankful for in technology, 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, DRM is dying
| Ken Fisher: 2007 is the year of the infamous Steve Jobs open letter on DRM, 
| the year that EMI got brave enough to kick DRM to the curb, and even 
| Universal is considering the idea. I've long argued that DRM isn't about 
| piracy, it's about selling your rights back to you.    


Where are all the COLA trolls who said we were delusional when we said DRM
would die? Was Ashley Highfield one of these trolls? He is having regrets

Yet another reason to avoid Vista.


BBC's Ashley Highfield, interviewed by Sean Daly -- "The Solution Is To Move
Beyond DRM"

,----[ Quote ] 
| [Ashley Highfield:] The solution is actually to find a solution to DRM, to 
| move beyond DRM in the long run.  


UK music store: DRM-free music outsells protected tunes four to one

,----[ Quote ]
| DRM-free music sells at a much higher rate online than protected music, 
| according to UK-based digital music store 7 Digital. In fact, customers buy 
| it four times as often as they do DRMed music.  


EMI has DRM free sales boom 

,----[ Quote ]
| Since EMI ditched the DRM on iTunes it has seen sales of Pink Floyd's Dark 
| Side of the Moon increase by between 272 and 350 percent.


Music DRM 'dead by next summer'

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's MP3, absolutely," 7Digital MD Ben Drury told us. "People understand 
| that MP3 works everywhere - that isn't true for AAC and certainly not for 
| WMA."  


Big labels are f*cked, and DRM is dead - Peter Jenner

,----[ Quote ]
| Few people know the music industry better than Peter Jenner. Pink
| Floyd's first manager, who subsequently managed Syd Barrett's solo
| career, Jenner has also looked after T.Rex, The Clash, Ian Dury,
| Disposable Heroes and Billy Bragg - who he manages today. He's also
| secretary general of the International Music Managers Forum.


Music DRM in critical condition: Universal tests DRM free music sales

,----[ Quote ]
| Universal Music Group has announced that the company is going to test selling 
| DRM-free music to consumers in order to assess the market. 


Avoid the Vista badge, it means DRM inside 

,----[ Quote ]
| The root of this crappy DRM infection is Microsoft. It is the driving
| force here. This has nothing to do with protecting content, as we 
| keep pointing out, there has never been a single thing that has had
| a DRM infection applied that didn't end up cracked on the net in
| hours. DRM is about walled gardens and control.
| He who controls the DRM infection controls the market. DRM is
| about preventing you from doing anything with the devices
| without paying the gatekeeper a fee. This is what MS wants,
| nothing less than a slice of everything watched, listened to
| or discussed from now on. DRM prevents others from playing
| there, thanks to the DMCA and other anti-consumer laws.
| Make no mistake, MS is pushing the DRM malware as hard as
| it can so it can rake in money hand over fist with no
| competition. It is really good at lock-in, in fact, the firm
| based its entire business model on harming the user so they
| have to comply and spend more.


Microsoft Tells Apple To Stop Complaining About DRM


Microsoft: We Like DRM


Why Microsoft will fight for DRM


Microsoft launches 'PlayReady' DRM system

,----[ Quote ]
| Although digital rights management (DRM) is popular with content
| creators, it has attracted criticism. Sony was widely attacked after
| using a rootkit-like application to hide content protection on some
| music CDs, and earlier this month Apple CEO Steve Jobs called on
| the music industry to drop its use of DRM.


Golden Rant : Microsoft DRM's gone too far

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft appears to have hit the wrong button on its critical
| Windows XP download service late last month, pretty well forcing
| every XP user to upgrade to Windows Media Player (WiMP) 11 if
| they (like me and many others) have the automatic download/install
| option enabled for critical updates.


The Longest Suicide Note in History

,----[ Quote ]
| Gutmann: The genie's out of the bottle before the operating system has even
| been released! But that doesn't mean Vista users in particular - and
| the computer community at large - won't end up paying for Microsoft's
| DRM folly. At the risk of repeating myself repeating myself, yet
| another reason to move to Linux.
`----     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


DRM in Windows Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows Vista includes an array of "features" that you don't want.
| These features will make your computer less reliable and less secure.
| They'll make your computer less stable and run slower. They will
| cause technical support problems. They may even require you to
| upgrade some of your peripheral hardware and existing software.
| And these features won't do anything useful. In fact, they're
| working against you. They're digital rights management (DRM)
| features built into Vista at the behest of the entertainment
| industry.
| And you don't get to refuse them.


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