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Re: [News] OpenMoko (Open Linux Phone) Progress Report with Screenshots

____/ thad05@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Thursday 22 November 2007 18:51 :

> Alexander Terekhov <terekhov@xxxxxx> wrote:
>> Developments...
>> Alexander Terekhov wrote:

Hmmm.... seems like the 'Alexander Terekhov' case needs some more psychiatric
treatment. Replying to self again because no-one seems to care (or filters do
their job).

>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> > OpenMoko Schedule Revised, For X-Mas
>>> [OpenMoko Status Update]
>> http://gnumonks.org/~laforge/weblog/
>> ------
>> Leaving OpenMoko "Lead System Architect" position
> [ deletia ... ]
> Sad news... I understand what it means to become burned out
> on a project.  I've been orbiting around the periphery of the
> OpenMoko project and trying to decide if I should buy a dev
> kit and jump in.  I think it is one of the more interesting
> embedded projects out there and probably the closest to what
> I personally want in a convergent phone / PDA / media player
> type device.  Of course the thing that stops me is that I
> already have too many projects, both personal and paid.

The OpenMoko project is a trailblazer and it could ride the wave of Linux
taking over consumer devices, which are gradually replacing the traditional
desktop (an increasing proportion of the time). OpenMoko has some big-brand
competitor, but it has the support of programmers. The early units sold out
fast due to unexpected demand, so many developers must be already hacking on
it (third-party enhancements).

                ~~ Best of wishes

Roy S. Schestowitz      |    "I regularly SSH to God's brain and reboot"
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