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Re: [News] Linux Makes a Great Holiday Gift, Wal-mart Gets Another Heap of Linux Boxes

____/ 7 on Wednesday 21 November 2007 23:32 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> There's No System Like Linux for the Holidays
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Holiday shopping season is about to hit full swing, and personal
>> | computers already rank high on many people's wish lists. If you're going
>> | to give the gift of a new PC, should you consider giving one with Linux?
>> | If the receiver is a tech-savvy individual, it may be the perfect gift,
>> | and the growing availability of preloaded machines means setup headaches
>> | are easily avoided.
>> `----
>> http://www.linuxinsider.com/story
> Theres-No-System-Like-Linux-for-the-Holidays-60397.html
>> Wal-Mart's $199 Linux PC Back In Stock
> When is it coming to UK?
> Wallmart (ASDA in UK) already sell a lot of GNU/Linux systems
> that the public and probably their own staff are unaware of.
> From flat TVs to HD DVD recorders its a lot of Linux.
> So when do we get wallmart 100 pound PC in UK guys?
> I want to buy at least 2.
> Probably 10 to 15 over the next three months if things get busy.

Why not Tesco? You can get a better GNU/Linux box with Ubuntu 6.04 (LTS)
preinstalled for roughly the same price as the rest who sell eSys boxes. Just
avoid PC World or Dabs (they got acquired).

The eSys machines are, as you already know, better specced than that gOS
machine which assumes you want your data on a third party (Google). I've had
my eSys box for over 2 years at home. It's my main machine and it never
required upgrades or fixes of broken hardware.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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