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[News] GNU/Linux Users Boycotting Digg.com?

  • Subject: [News] GNU/Linux Users Boycotting Digg.com?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 06:55:44 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Digg.com: Divide and conquer the Community!

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’re a digg user, please join me in my boycott of digg.com, they are 
| showing signs that they are over-bloated. They can be left with user’s who 
| don’t wish to support community, the unimportant ones. Before you leave, make
sure that you’re exit is heard! Help spread the word!  


This messages has been spreading to other sites. That possibly explains why it
has been quiet recently in Digg's UNIX/Linux section. It seems like everyone
is moving to FSDaily (Digg clone for Free software).


Dawn of the Microzealots

,----[ Quote ]
| We "Real" Diggers had heard about groups offering a "service" to get
| your Digg to the front page.
| Why not? It makes perfect sense!
| We know Microsoft has a fucking MINT of money, and they have a Massive
| 5 year investment in Vista, not mention all the DRM and proprietary
| dominance that it?s success would firmly put in place.
| The biggest threat is the truth about Vista getting out.
| I may not be able to find a smoking gun, or paper trail, but I know
| when some if "fixing" an otherwise democratic process.


Too Digg for their boots?

,----[ Quote ]
| What concerns me is that Digg hasn’t exactly been as Linux/UNIX friendly 
| lately. Oh, sure, they have the section and news gets put in it. But it feels 
| like less of it is being promoted to even just the technology page lately, 
| let alone the front page. And then, when they do, I’ve noticed quite a few 
| legitimate Linux/UNIX stories getting buried or pulled shortly after being 
| promoted.     
| Furthermore, Digg has had an increased number of very vocal 
| pro-Microsoft/anti-FOSS users commenting lately and it has been hard to find 
| a FOSS related story that doesn’t get flooded with anti-FOSS related 
| sentiment. It has been suggested on many many occasions in the comments on 
| Digg that Microsoft employs (some of) these people to create accounts and 
| post pro-Microsoft/anti-FOSS comments.   
| [...]
| So I ask you, is there any way in the world that this new contract could 
| improve the situation? Not at all. Who knows what’s in the contract, but 
| theoretically there could be something in there about pulling anti-Microsoft 
| content in between the parts that cover flooding the site with pro Microsoft 
| ads and of course, anti Linux/UNIX ads.      


'The Wall Street Journal' digs Digg. Should we read into this?

,----[ Quote ]
| "The Wall Street Journal Online is adding Digg buttons across the entire 
| site, and you'll now have full (free) access to the articles submitted to 
| Digg," Rose wrote. "The Digg buttons have started appearing on WSJ.com 
| articles tonight."   
| The "full free access" part is key. While speaking to investors in Australia, 
| News Corp. mogul Murdoch said this week that he planned to release the 
| Journal's Web site from its paid-subscription model--when The New York Times 
| eliminated premium content earlier this fall, the Journal became one of the 
| lone holdouts    


Microsoft Digg clone crashes - How to crash the clone...

,----[ Quote ]
| A while ago, Microsoft created MSN reporter. MSN Reporter has gone
| live in Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway. Created as part of MSN's
| aim to increase usergenerated content on its network; the system is
| already in bad shape, and crashing. 


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