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[News] [Rival] More Trojan/Malware Goodness for Microsoft Windows

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] More Trojan/Malware Goodness for Microsoft Windows
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 06:41:42 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Trojan spreads using PI wiretapping scare

,----[ Quote ]
| Net security firm Sophos reports that among the malware types downloaded onto 
| infected PCs is an item of scareware which displays a fake Windows Security 
| Centre alert in a bid to trick victims into purchasing bogus security 
| software.   


Targeted e-mail attacks spoof DOJ, business group

,----[ Quote ]
| The Trojan horse that gets installed on a computer allows an attacker to have 
| remote access to the machine, but MessageLabs security analyst Paul Wood said 
| the attacker's exact purpose was not clear. "Once they get access to the 
| machine remotely, they can use that machine for anything," Wood said.   



Trojan horse spreads quickly through Microsoft's IM

,----[ Quote ]
| "This is really growing rapidly," said Lichtman. Six hours after it first 
| found the Trojan horse, Aladdin put the total number of assembled bots at 
| about 500; three hours later, that had climbed to several thousand. By 12:30 
| p.m. EST Monday, the botnet had been built out to 11,000 machines.   



The end of Windows, or a security expert gives up

,----[ Quote ]
| And then go and warn others to do the same. Windows is defeated - its days 
| are over. It carries the worm inside. So whatever will
| happen next: RIP, Windows.  


Botnet 'pandemic' threatens to strangle the net

,----[ Quote ]
| Cerf estimated that between 100 million and 150 million of the
|                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| 600 million PCs on the internet are under the control of hackers,
|                                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| the BBC reports.


Gathering 'Storm' Superworm Poses Grave Threat to PC Nets

,----[ Quote ]
| Although it's most commonly called a worm, Storm is really more: a worm, a 
| Trojan horse and a bot all rolled into one. It's also the most successful 
| example we have of a new breed of worm, and I've seen estimates that between 
| 1 million and 50 million computers have been infected worldwide.   


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