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[News] When You Buy Cisco, You Probably Buy GNU/Linux

  • Subject: [News] When You Buy Cisco, You Probably Buy GNU/Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2007 03:20:32 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Award-winning Snort creator Roesch shares secrets of his success

,----[ Quote ]
| "We've been extremely successful in the financial services world. You can try 
| to ban open source software all you want, but if you're buying your 
| infrastructure from Cisco, you're actually employing a lot of Linux. Most 
| security technologies run on top of Linux. You can only ban it so far. Even 
| the people who actually build your equipment are using it."    



Sun's open source strategy questioned

,----[ Quote ]
| The company has been offering up to open source crown jewels such as its Java 
| platform and the Solaris OS. Singer, who was vice president of Global 
| Information Systems Strategy at Sun, stressed that he agreed with a lot of 
| the open source efforts, such as open-sourcing Solaris and Java. But he said 
| he thought the company was over-emphasizing open source when it should have 
| been focusing on generating revenues; he disagreed with new CEO Jonathan 
| Schwartz about the effort and this was one reason Singer left the company in 
| March after having been at Sun since 2003.       


Cisco is hiring for multiple Open Source positions

,----[ Quote ]
| And it is hiring Open Source enthusiasts to fill its technical positions. 
| Read on to know whether you fit the job profile. 


Cisco offers up safe mapping tool as open source

,----[ Quote ]
| This is the first we've come across an open source tool from Cisco. What are 
| the others it has offered? 


Chambers: We're Not Plumbers Anymore  

,----[ Quote ]
| In response to a question about Cisco's views on open source posed 
| by internetnews.com Chambers responded, "I think that open source or 
| open content is the future. You want to be able to create your own 
| content and we want to do that empowerment."


Cisco reseller insults open source

,----[ Quote ]
| I believe that open source is something to be proud of and not the liability 
| that you claim it to be. Cisco claims to have developed their own operating 
| system, but I doubt that they started from scratch. What they probably did is 
| base it on BSD-licensed code, since there is no requirement to redistribute 
| their modifications. This is yet another reason to support the GPL over BSD 
| type licenses.     


Cisco Unwires Linux Symposium

,----[ Quote ]
| "Cisco embraces the Linux community and appreciates the opportunity to 
| work directly with them at this event."
| "With a major event like the Linux Symposium we have to get hundreds of 
| laptops networked in a relatively small area," said Andrew Hutton, 
| founder of the Linux Symposium.


Open source router on par with Cisco, users say

,----[ Quote ]
| "I'd say that any PC we could put [Vyatta OFR] on today is going to be
| way faster than Cisco. I would not be doing backbone routing with this,
| but I would not hesitate to say this will compete against Cisco
| either," Newnam said. "Well, as long as we're not switching half of
| the U.S. of course."


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