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[News] Via Makes Money from GNU/Linux

Via reaps benefits of Wal-Mart tie-up

,----[ Quote ]
| The PCs are made by Everex, and sold cut-price using Via's C7 processor and 
| UniChrome integrated graphics, and come with Linux pre-installed, as well as 
| OpenOffice, Google Apps, FireFox and Skype.  
| Via has said in a statement that it thinks the C7 processor will shortly 
| become its main product line, as its continues to fall behind in the chipset 
| market, having failed to agree a license with Intel to create new chipsets.  


Via ought to give advice to their friends who complain that Vista means no


VIA and FIC to keep up with price of EeePC

,----[ Quote ]
| The CE260 called NanoBook, which was developed by VIA in co-operation with 
| VIA fellow affiliate FIC, is planned to be marketed in the U.S. by FIC 
| subsidiary Everex from 2008. According to Taiwanese online service DigiTimes, 
| FIC estimates that 50.000 to 60.000 CE260s will be sold via OEMs in the first 
| quarter of 2008. DigiTimes states a price of less than 450 US dollars for the 
| Windows XP version; a Linux version could be even cheaper.     
`----                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



VIA's Linux support - will it finally happen?

,----[ Quote ]
| This afternoon while I was surfing the web instead of paying attention to the 
| lecture I was sitting in I came across a new posting on the MTube device over 
| at ultramobilelife.com. While the short video included there isn't really all 
| that interesting after you've seen the photos from the gallery a comment made 
| by VIA's Bjorn Stromberg did manage to grab my attention. Asked about which 
| operating system the MTube runs own he replied:     
| "Yeah, it runs linux, they've got a simplified interface set up for specific 
| applications. I'll be posting more details about the software part of the 
| MTube when I have some more time."  


Via unveils "ultra mobile device" reference design

,----[ Quote ]
| Via Technologies on June 6 unveiled the NanoBook Ultra Mobile Device 
| (UMD) reference design -- a UMPC-like device, but with a full 
| QWERTY keyboard.


2D/3D graphics chipset targets mobile devices

,----[ Quote ]
| In the past, Via has offered Fedora Core drivers for Chrome9
| implementations in its P4M900 and K8M890 chipsets, and 2D
| acceleration may also be available through pure open source
| drivers such as OpenChrome... Again, however, taking advantage
| of the chip's 3D acceleration likely involves dealing with a
| binary-only Linux driver from Via. 


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