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[News] More GPL in Healthcare and Education

  • Subject: [News] More GPL in Healthcare and Education
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 12:55:30 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
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EMR Software Nexus has Formed

,----[ Quote ]
| For example, the relationship of EMR software and licenses. Readers of Linux 
| Medical News are familiar with the proprietary vs. Free and Open Source 
| Software (FOSS) in medicine debate with most of the LMN crowd in favor of 
| FOSS licenses such as the GPL.   


GCompris 8.4 Released Under GPLv3, Help Needed For 8.5 Release

,----[ Quote ]
| GCompris, an official GNU Project providing educational software for children 
| aged 2-10 years, announced the release of version 8.4 today. Changes include 
| upgrading to the GPLv3, as well as major structural changes.  



West Virginia Open for Business to VistA, RPMS and Other Open Source Healthcare

,----[ Quote ]
| The Governor's strategic plan for improving health care in West Virginia was 
| just completed and published in April 2007. 
| [...]
| The Medlynks electronic health record (EHR) system is a multi-tier 
| client/server solution deployed on a cluster of Hewlett-Packard (HP) servers 
| running the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system software.   


Linux in Healthcare

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux in healthcare is a tale of things seen and unseen. Linux/Open
| Source have enjoyed tremendous popularity in embedded systems and
| networks for major technologies used in healthcare that healthcare
| providers may not even be aware of.


Your data or your life

,----[ Quote ]
| As unlikely and alarmist as this sounds, it could really happen. Intracare
| is the publisher of a popular practice management system called Dr. Notes.
| When some doctors balked at a drastic increase in their annual software
| lease, they were cut off from accessing their own patients? information.
| This situation is completely unconscionable. There can be no truly
| open doctor-patient relationship when an unrelated third party is the
| de facto owner of and gatekeeper to all related data.


Miracle Cure? [to Properietary Software]

,----[ Quote ]
| "Doctors are fed up with the we-own-you, vendor lock-in,
| phone-home-to-the-mother-ship-to-do-anything status quo," he 
| said.
| In addition, open source health IT applications are hitting their 
| late teens, with more growth coming. What will be available in the 
| next year, he said, will likely challenge anything in the proprietary 
| world.
| A physician now has many options with respect to picking and choosing 
| among open source health IT software packages, though the choices 
| have narrowed. Valdes said when he started watching the open source 
| health IT market seven years ago, dozens of projects were active, 
| though many have fallen by the wayside.
| This can cause confusion, but some front-runners in the open source 
| health IT market have emerged in the last few years, he said, 
| though the confusion level is nothing compared to the 
| proprietary software world.
| "In the proprietary world, whole companies and software 
| suites disappear forever in business failures, buyouts, forced 
| 'upgrades' and changes in corporate agendas," he said. "Somehow, 
| this is considered normal. "Free and open source software EMR/EHRs 
| are relatively immortal and are much more resistant to service 
| decline, price increases, buyouts and corporate failure than the 
| proprietary world. It's odd that many people in medicine see 
| proprietary software as 'normal' and free and open source 
| software as abnormal -- when myself and a fair number of 
| people see the opposite, especially in medicine."


Whirlwind Wheelchair empowers the disabled with open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Whirlwind's latest innovative idea is an open source design 
| challenge--collaborative designs made available in the public
| domain.


Kizer leaving Medsphere after successor found

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition, Kizer said he remains solid in his support for
| open-source development in healthcare. 
| [...]
| Though not open-source software by strict definition, VistA has long
| been in the public domain and much of the code is available for 
| downloading without cost under the Freedom of Information Act. In
| addition, the development model within the VA for the DHCP and
| VistA largely has been collaborative and distributed across the
| organization, mirroring an open-source model in that respect.


Linux for Clinics Alpha Release

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux For Clinics (LFC) Project consists of a team of people
| who have a common interest in health, medicine, humanity and free
| and open source software (FOSS). Our team represents a community
| that shares the common ideals of aiding mankind and treating
| everyone with respect so that they will treat others in kind.
| This philosophy is represented by the African word 'UBUNTU'
| which means 'Humanity Towards Others'.


Linux, Opera help fight HIV AIDS in Malawi

,----[ Quote ]
| Opera said that the Baobab team initially used a Windows-based OS
| and browser on the I-Opener, but found performance to be poor.
| Subsequently, they moved to a "Baobab Linux" implementation derived
| from Midori Linux, the lightweight distribution created by
| Transmeta -- another x86-compatible processor vendor -- during Linux
| founder Linus Torvalds's tenure there. 


McKesson First to Offer Red Hat Enterprise Healthcare Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| As a leading provider of technology solutions to the healthcare
| industry, McKesson has been at the forefront of innovative
| technologies, deploying many of its advanced Horizon Clinicals
| applications on Linux running on Intel-based hardware. Hospitals
| with these deployments have already realized cost savings of up
| to 60% compared with traditional system deployments.


Palamida Supports the Development of Open Source Solutions for the Health
Information Community

,----[ Quote ]
| Palamida has announced that it has joined the Open Health Information
| Project (OHIP), a global collaboration between public and private
| institutions to develop open source software solutions for the
| health information community. Lead by Oregon State University's
| Open Source Lab (OSL), OHIP works to enable the successful adoption
| and use of open source software methodologies in the public sector.


Medical site is on a mission to set records

,----[ Quote ]
| The company is set to announce a deal today with Google Inc. to
| offer physicians and medical groups a Web-based digital medical
| records system at no cost. The service will be funded by advertising.


The Next Round Of Microsoft Vs. Linux: Health Care

,----[ Quote ]
| Both camps are making waves in the industry, which is poised for
| dramatic IT growth 
| [...]
| Red Hat, the largest business Linux distributor, is teaming up 
| with the health care sector's largest company, McKesson, an $88
| billion-a-year pharmaceutical and IT supplier. Red Hat will
| provide a core of Linux and JBoss software geared to run
| McKesson's clinical applications.


Open Source Goes Live 

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenVista, a private adaptation of the VA's open-source system,
| revised to run commercial hospital systems. 


openEMR Successfully Completes IHE Connectathon Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| The Possibility Forge and Mandriva successfully completed the
| testing requirements for openEMR at the 2007 IHE Connectathon 
| in North America.


Leading Healthcare Technology Provider Chooses Red Hat

,----[ Quote ]
| Sage Software provides integrated electronic health records, electronic
| data interchange (EDI) applications and practice management systems to
| more than 20,000 ambulatory care practices throughout North America.
| These systems enable physicians and practice managers to better 
| manage their practices and improve profitability.


Editor's Corner (on Open Source in Healthcare)

,----[ Quote ]
| Suggesting that a private healthcare provider switch from
| proprietary software to open source-based applications is one
| thing. But when an official affiliated with as august a body as
| the United Nations suggests that all member countries adopt open
| source for their healthcare applications, that's a much bigger deal.


Zen Engineering And CHILI GmbH Partner To Market Linux-Based Healthcare

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux and other Open Source technologies are used as a primary vehicle
| for delivering cost efficient enterprise solutions while strategic
| alliances with hardware and software manufacturers enable Zen
| Engineering Network to provide a comprehensive storefront of
| technology infrastructure and services.
| In 2004, Zen Engineering Network launched a "Linux for Healthcare"
| initiative to address the demand for low-cost healthcare information
| systems. Through this effort, vendors were identified that utilized
| Open Source technology to lower costs for their customers and an array
| of service offerings were created to facilitate migration to these
| solutions.


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