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Re: Microsoft Reveals the REAL Cost of Windows: $4,000

On Sep 8, 2:56 pm, Anonymous <nob...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> dont.pull...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > On Sep 8, 12:24 pm, Peter Kai Jensen <use...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > wrote:
> > > Hash: SHA1
> > > dont.pull...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > > > Odd.
> > > > Very odd indeed
> > > What's odd is that you cross-posted to totally unrelated groups and
> > > hide behind an open proxy and a throwaway email account.  No wait,
> > > that's not odd ... You *are* a worthless troll, after all.
> > Let me see if I have this right.
> You don't, but then anything resembling accuracy from a Wintard would
> cause brain spasms and chronic diarrhea.
> > The SPAMMER BOI Roy Schestowitz is posting an article about Microsoft
> > charging $4,000, in a LINUX group and you are bothering me for
> > reposting it in a WINDOWS group?
> More accurately, he's boxing your pointy Wintard ears for being a cross
> posting cunt with too few IQ points to occupy your overabundant free
> time with anything productive.
> > Go back to trying to make Adobe Premier work with Linux.
> > Fully and the latest version please.
> Why on earth would anyone but a Wintard be chuckleheaded enough to piss
> away their time with Premier when Cinelerra is a better product, open
> source, free, and runs under a real operating system that can actually
> manage resource intense jobs without constant blue screens and
> rebooting?
> Tell the truth now little one. You're three shades of green because
> Cinelerra hasn't been ported to your toy operating system, and flotsam
> like Premier is all you have to retaliate with.
> Poor, pathetic Wintard. <snicker>


Man, oh man you take the cake for Linux moron of the month, and we are
only in the second week!

What the hell is that?
It sounds like the stage name of some female porn star!

You can't honestly compare that open source crap with Adobe Premier?

I take that back, you've already done that and shown your ignorance.

Thanks for the joke!

I'm still laughing!

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