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Re: Red Hat lands big customers

____/ BearItAll on Friday 07 September 2007 11:05 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ____/ Peter Köhlmann on Thursday 06 September 2007 23:06 : \____
>>> http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS6314774814.html
>>> But naturally the local windows using retards will claim that this can't
>>> be, as linux is only written and used by bearded, dirty hippies
>> It's coming out of age. These stereotypes are fading away, even though
>> shills like Daniel Lyons try to keep them alive using columns in Forbes
>> Magazine and blog posts that go under "Fake Steve Jobs".
>> Ingo: http://www.yak.net/random/pics/2005.07.18-23.OLS/img_2631.jpg
>> Linus: http://www.chi3.org/arc/img/h/linus.jpg
>> I fail to see a beard.
> {covers beard with one hand while typing} I don't  think it really matters
> that Linuxers are seen as bearded and they may well be the odd aging hippy
> amonst us. But the user base is broadening, so aging bearded hippies and
> others use it too.
> Oh bugger, the string on my bead necklass has broken....

Laura Didio

,----[ Quote ]
| An example of her opinion on how Open Source Software is handled shows
| in this remark (quoted from a phone interview from her home in
| Massachusetts): "The thing about Linux is, you can talk about a free,
| open operating system all you want, but you can't take that idea of free
| and open and put it into a capitalist system and maintain it as though
| it is some kind of hippie commune or ashram, because if you can do it
| like that, at that point I'm like, 'Pass the hookah please!'" [1]
| Even recently, after admitting that a SCO victory in their case against
| IBM seemed like an extreme longshot, Didio said, "There is a larger
| issue, though: Even if the SCO case gets dismissed entirely, it does
| not remove the copyright cloud hanging over Linux and open source." [2]
| [...]
| Unsurprisingly, Linux advocates have in response heavily criticised
| DiDio. Typical criticisms are a lack of formal Computer Science
| qualifications and promoting studies funded by Microsoft; frequently
| this has resulted in questioning of her integrity and her being
| characterised as "a Microsoft shill".


That's the woman who some  journalists still asks for an opinion. That ignorant
shill gets cited. She serves Microsoft and SCO.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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