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Re: California's report of Microsoft "remedy"

____/ Rex Ballard on Thursday 06 September 2007 06:46 : \____

> On Sep 3, 2:54 pm, Ian Hilliard <nos...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> RexBallardwrote:
> In 1984, there were only about 1000 hosts on the usenet.  The
> Internet,
> which was the union of the ARPAnet and usenet, was still in the early
> stages.  Perhaps this is why you can't find the result in Google.
>> > In late 1984, shortly after Microsoft outgrew Lotus in terms of
>> > revenue to become the largest software company in the world, Bill Gates
>> > told a reporter that is true goal was "World Domination".  He
>> > would take over the computer applications, the network, then
>> > financial applications, and finally gain total access to, and control
>> > of, the world's information.  This would allow him to influence
>> > elections and create a world government controlled by Microsoft
>> > and it's Allied corporate partners.
>> I would love to read this interview. I have never been able to find it on
>> the net.
> Keep in mind that the Web didn't get popular until about 1996.
> Many publishers didn't archive their content until 1999.  Many still
> don't.
> If you really want to try to find the reference you would have to go
> to a
> large public library in a large city.  You would have to look in the
> Microfiche
> archive.  I would suggest looking at Byte Magazine in 1984 from August
> to
> November.  If I recall correctly, the interview and article was with
> Byte
> Magazine.  The Lotus ticker symbol was LOTS.  The comparison was by
> Revenue.
>> Ian

Thanks for that pointer, Rex. I mentioned this elsewhere earlier today. I even
gave it emphasis. Actually, why not just give you the link? Heck.... here it
is at the top of boycottnovell.com, with large fonts to show Gates' ambitions.

                ~~ Best of wishes

Google: organising the world's information.  Government: reorgnaising
                     the world's information (censorship) in its favour
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