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Re: Challenge for Roy, Mark, or Linonut

Tim Smith wrote:

> I have saved a spreadsheet in ODF. Looking at the content.xml file, I
> see that the table:table-cell element for one of my cells contains this
> attribute:
>    table:formula="oooc:=PMT([.B3]/12; 360; [.A3])"
> Looking at the ODF specification, available here:
> <http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/12572/OpenDocument-v1.
> 0-os.pdf>
> I don't see any documentation as to what exactly the PMT() function
> does.  Could you point out where this is covered in that ODF
> specification?

oops, you forgot to look in the functions list of your spreadsheet program,
where it tells you what the function is and what the parameters are.

ODF allows for functions particular to the application, whether written by a
software vendor or by yourself. The function itself does not form a part of
the specification.

You could write a function called TimSmithSuperCalc(), that wouldn't appear
in the ODF documentation, how could the writers of the specification know
what functions you might write, but it would appear in your ODF document,
in one or two places depending on the implementation that you chose, one a
reference and one an object if the reference isn't to an external object.

All of this information is contained in the ODF spec.

If ooxml has put actual functions as part of the specification then that
would suggest that the specification wants to control the functionality of
the applications that use the format. That isn't what open documentation is
meant to be doing.

(actually I don't believe that ooxml has put functions into the spec, I
think you probably browsed into another area of the web site that shows
functions that MS applications provide).

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