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[News] Microsoft Pulls Another XBox360 (Bad) with the Zune

  • Subject: [News] Microsoft Pulls Another XBox360 (Bad) with the Zune
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 00:27:55 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Microsoft cuts $50 from Zune price


They are more motivated to ensure the competition cannot make money, rather
than actually making money.

Microsoft says a Zune phone 'not unreasonable'

,----[ Quote ]
| "What I would ask people is what (RIM) really gets you. A lot of their money 
| is coming from the hardware business and they are going after a very 
| particular segment," said Mount, whose division also oversees the Xbox game 
| console and Zune music player business.   


Forget about the RIM gossip...

Dismissing RIM/Microsoft Merger Rumors On Technical Grounds



Microsoft says Zune executive will leave company

,----[ Quote ]
| Bryan Lee, corporate vice president at Microsoft's entertainment
| and devices division, also played a key role in shaping the Xbox
| game console business and the introduction of its Internet
| Protocol television software.


Comic Relief: Microsoft zunePhone Video

,----[ Quote ]
| For your Friday viewing pleasure, here's a parody that packs as many cheap 
| shots at Microsoft in 53 seconds as any I've seen. Note the little details, 
| like the blinking 12:00 and the rapidly shrinking battery indicator.  


Dancing Ballmer subjected to Zune dance therapy

,----[ Quote ]
| The japester appears to have used an internal Microsoft website to direct, 
| well, just about anyone to this re-reinterpretation of Steve Ballmer’s 
| infamous monkeyboy dance. Or is it a re-reinterpetation of Apple's iPod 
| advertising campaign? In these mashed-up days, it's hard to tell.   


A Tale of 11 Broken Xbox 360s

,----[ Quote ]
| "I can't comment on failure rates, because it's just not something - it's 
| a moving target. What this consumer should worry about is the way that 
| we've treated him. Y'know, things break, and if we've treated him well 
| and fixed his problem, that's something that we're focused on right 
| now."
|    -- Peter Moore [of Microsoft] on Xbox 360 failure rates


Rumor: Is Microsoft cheating their [Xbox 360] sales?

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, there are some sobering thoughts with very broad implications
| for any company if that were true. That being said, would you buy
| from Microsoft, or any other company for that matter, if they were
| cheating their sales?


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