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Re: Is Linux An African Cult?

On 3 Sep, 23:48, mycarisf...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Why are Linux versions named after Africans, like UBUNTU?
> Sounds nigger to me.

Hmm.  I know of one distro with an African name.  And Mark
Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu, /is/ African.

Of course, because Shuttleworth's white, it never occured to you he
was African, right?  And the use of the word nigger.  Makes sense:
anti-Linux sentiment equates with unreasoned racism.

> Why does a person like Roy Schestowitz spend his entire life spamming
> Linux groups with misleading topics?
> Why does Roy feel the need to castrate those who don't agree with his
> obsession with Linux?

That tale intrigues me.  I have seen the BS posts purporting to come
from a "self-castrated Roy"... but when did Roy say he wanted to
castrate Linux-haters?  Link, please.

> Why would anyone wish to be associated with Linux after seeing what
> the users of Linux are like?
> Insane, crzy, zealots, homosexuals, transgendered etc.
> Linux sems to attract them all.

It's good to see that, even in the 21st century, you still think your
prejudices are relevant.  Get this:  in Europe, homosexual couples can
enter into civil relationship contracts, ie "gay weddings".  So you
believe that the USA's most important military and economic allies are
subhuman.  You Americans keep real good company. To judge what a man
is like, look at his friends.

> Left wing Linux, that's what it is.

Do you know what "left wing" means?  Do you believe it means socialist/
communist - or is it "sexually deviant"?  Have you studied political
science?  Do you know what "politics" means?  Or are you ignorant of
that?  Don't feel ashamed... many Microsoft fans are ignorant of many
simple things.

Why would anyone want to be associated with Microsoft when you look at
the people associated with them?  Not wishing to denigrate any group
or person in particular, let me just point out:  90+% of computer
users use Microsoft, right?  That demographic must include child
molestors, rapists, necrophiliacs, foot fetishists, neo-nazis, animal
"lovers"... it stands to reason, if most people use Microsoft then
that large group has to contain many unsavoury people.

> Just google Roy Schestowitz+castrate and see what you get.

Do you believe everything you read?  Do you base all your thoughts and
actions on google?  Do you think the world was created in 4004 BC?  Is
the world flat?  (If it isn't, why don't the Australians fall off?)

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