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[News] Patent Troll on the Loose Again

Apple, Acer, Dell, Gateway sued over media patent 

,----[ Quote ]
| The firm alleges the companies have breached patent 7,009,655B2 - catchily 
| titled "method and system for direct recording of video information onto a 
| disk medium".  


Novell settled a lawsuit by a troll just days ago. A company that's only a
portfolio and investors with portfolio for this patent portfolio. All paper,
no products.

Here's a new one from Google:

Google wants to patent mobile commerce

,----[ Quote ]
| Google owes its success to putting advertising into parts of our lives where 
| no one has ever put adverts before. Now a new patent illustrates the extent 
| of its ambitions.  


Related and recent:

Microsoft, IBM Sued over Patent Infringement

,----[ Quote ]
| JuxtaComm also has provisional patents for a system and method of managing 
| and updating data from a number of sources for a project, and for a system 
| and method of controlling and monitoring an application in a network—
| methodologies and software likely used by any number of software vendors.   


Broadcom Reaps Patent Suit Benefits

,----[ Quote ]
| The chipmaker is snaring Qualcomm customers before the patent infringement 
| ruling is final, as wireless players scramble amid supply worries 
| [...]
| "Several [manufacturers] have been pushing Broadcom and Microsoft to build 
| this development center," says John Starkweather, general manager of mobile 
| communications at Microsoft. He adds that, later this year, a major 
| manufacturer will release a Windows Mobile device based on a Broadcom 
| baseband chip.    


EFF Challenges Bogus Patent on Internet Subdomains

,----[ Quote ]
| The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is challenging a bogus patent on 
| Internet subdomains that has been used to threaten small businesses and 
| innovators.  




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