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Re: [News] Microsoft Hires "Analysts" to Attack GNU/Linux, Open Source, and Open Standards

Mark Kent wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> ____/ [H]omer on Tuesday 28 August 2007 19:15 : \____
>>> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>>> Working behind the scenes to orchestrate ?independent? praise of our
>>>> technology is a key evangelism function. ?Independent? analysts?
>>>> reports should be issued, praising your technology and damning the
>>>> competitors (or ignoring them). ?Independent consultants should write
>>>> articles, give conference presentations, moderate stacked panels on
>>>> our behalf, and set themselves up as experts in the new technology,
>>>> available for just $200/hour. ?Independent? academic sources should
>>>> be cultivated and quoted (and granted research money).
>>> [...]
>>>> The document admitted into evidence also says, ?The key to stacking a
>>>> panel is being able to choose the moderator,? and explains how to
>>>> find ?pliable? moderators?those who will sell out.
>>> [...]
>>> Well there it is, straight from the horse's mouth; Microsoft buys Shills
>>> to spread lies on their behalf. Let the cynics cry "paranoia" now.
>> Yesterday, someone brought this up in BN again:
>> http://www.inlumineconsulting.com:8080/website/msft.shilling.html
>> And this:
>> http://lists.essential.org/1998/am-info/msg01529.html
>> When you spot a rise in trolling activity at a particular time or on a
>> particular topic, be suspicious. Microsoft is still bribing bloggers for
>> PR in disguise. The criminal mind hasn't bounds and it has a lot of cash
>> (slush funds) to spare.
> It's all rather sickening, really, but the technique does work, very
> well indeed.  The oil companies and tobacco companies have also done a
> very very good job of this.  There was some interesting coverage
> yesterday of how the world's biggest lakes have shrunk over the last 40
> years to less then half their previous size... now how has that happened
> without anyone noticing?

Because it did not happen, perhaps?

The only ones of the biggest lakes to have shrunk significantly in the last
40 years are the "Caspian Sea", "Aral lake" and "Lake Balcha".
The Caspian Sea is still the biggest lake on earth, and since 1974 the sea
level is rising again and it is estimated that in around 50 years the level
will be 40 meters (!!) above the level of 1994 if nothing is done about it.
It was around 420.000 km² in 1930, and now is around 371.000 km².
Hardly "less then half the previous size" (which has never occured, even
before the level started to rise again)

The Aral lake is number 16 (was once number 4) of the biggest lakes, and
this one is really a man made catastrophy, it shrunk from around 68.000 km²
to now 18.000 km² and is the only one which has shrunk to less than half
its previous size.

I have yet to see that Lake Superior (number 2 on that list) or the Victoria
lake (number 3) have shrunk significantly. Nor have Lake Huron or the other
ones until number 13. Number 14, "Lake Balcha" is in similar conditions as
Lake Aral.
Don't abandon hope: your Tom Mix decoder ring arrives tomorrow

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