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Re: [News] Sun Believes It Can Steal the Thunder from Linux

____/ BearItAll on Tuesday 04 September 2007 09:08 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Related:
>> Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' not a Linux copy
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Murdock also refused to talk about Sun's FISHworks project – billed as a
>> | NetApp killer.
>> | 
>> | Sun has put some of its top Solaris engineers in charge of a
>> | software/hardware effort meant to create a solid network attached
>> | storage (NAS) appliance. The company demoed this project to analysts
>> | early this year, although it refuses to give reporters the same honor.
>> | 
>> | We did track down Adam Levanthal, one of the FISHworks leads and
>> | co-authors of DTrace, at OSCON. He revealed that the product should ship
>> | early next year and that it includes some special sauce above Solaris
>> | for handling storage.
>> | 
>> | "I'm not going to talk to you about it more than that," he said, rather
>> | bluntly.
>> | 
>> | Why not just slap us in the face?
>> `----
>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/07/29/sun_projectindiana_oscon/
> BSJ, Bloody Stupid Jernos. Ashley, it is normal practice that new ideas are
> ran by techies and analysts first. Even the best laid plans need input and
> comment from outside the development team at some point. Those comments
> could add some time to the development process, far too early to let the
> jernos in.
> The jernos can have access after it is ready.

Yes, you made that statement before (Vance as well, but a different context
where he got snubbed).

FWIW, I have nothing against Sun at all, just so that you know. Usually I quite
like Sun because they give Linux a run for the money while at the same time
giving us software and pushing for improvements. It remains to be seen what
licences they choose and how they treat their customers. They are still stuck
in the middle, but they have already protected against Vista-like treatment of
hardware and DRM.

> Linux teams often do exactly the same thing, as do electronic design teams,
> architechs, biologists, mathematicians, plumbers (doesn't all major work
> have to be inspected by an expert in your region? Thats how it works in the
> UK).
> MS teams used to do this too, as far as I know they don't do it anymore,
> except I did get the invite, as many others did, pre-Vista (about a year
> before release), for input about the system security. I mentioned it in
> this news group at the time, saying that I had decided I wasn't going to
> take part, one year to slap on some kind of security onto Vist, no thankyou
> mate, just give me something easy to do like a rubix cube.

That has been solved by a PC recently. So has Vista, one might add, because
crackers are able to snatch those boxes by the millions (and commandeer).

                ~~ Best of wishes

Roy S. Schestowitz     | GPL - Global Programmer's Law
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