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Re: COLA Statistics, 02 Sep 2007

____/ Peter Köhlmann on Tuesday 04 September 2007 00:03 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> All links and references therein are a case of libel, indentity theft, and
>> fabrication. It's an attempt at character assassination, which is better
>> off ignored.
>> Messages you find on the Web with my name (or identities, unless digitally
>> signed in a verifiable fashion) are fake.
>> Many thanks,
>> Roy
> Oh, it is just flatfish trying his usual character assasination attemps
> That is: He is trying to be a smart as possible being a windows user
Yes, Gary tried the same tricks on you. I remember the crossposted messages
that landed on the SUSE newsgroup (before I even subscribed to COLA).

This whole trend (slander) has become quite widespread on the Web (and still
getting worse). Young students do that sort of stuff to their school teachers.
As a result, everything on the Web which mentions a name is now taken with a
barrel of salt. As time goes by, credibility of stuff found through search
engines will decline just like Wikipedia's, whose huge popularity encourages

                ~~ Best of wishes

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