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Re: I, Roy C. Schestowitz Am A Compulsive Eunich Spammer. Please help me.

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> ____/  roy.schestowitz@xxxxxxxxx on Monday 03 September 2007 22:10 : \____
>> http://tinyurl.com/38e9u8
>> Living without balls is a terrible way to go through life.
>> Long live Linux!
> All links and references therein are a case of libel, indentity theft, and
> fabrication. It's an attempt at character assassination, which is better
> off ignored.
> Messages you find on the Web with my name (or identities, unless digitally
> signed in a verifiable fashion) are fake.
> Many thanks,
> Roy

If micoshaft sponsored asstroturfers are resorting to identity theft,
then they must be terrorists.

We must round them up, put them in a field and cluster bomb the bastards!

Seriously, though, if Micoshaft Corporation could now be involved in
terrorist activities they need to be investigated. It may be that
terrorists have infiltrated Micoshaft Corporation's asstroturfing 
operations to engage in identify theft and gawd knows what else
that may follow on from that. Private corporations cannot be
trusted to run themselves without government supervision.
Better to stick with open source I say and keep everything open.

http://www.livecdlist.com free open source livecd software

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