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Re: California's report of Microsoft "remedy"

On Sep 2, 7:24 pm, Jerry McBride <mcbrid...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rick wrote:
> > On Sun, 02 Sep 2007 12:05:23 -0700, John Bailo, Texeme.Construct wrote:

> > "the governement" is made of people that are lobbied and elected.

That's true of both parties, and even independents.

> They are bought and sold like bundles of firewood. The only thing that would
> make American politics fair to "us every day Joes" is for us to organize
> out own PAC and hire our own shills to push "what's right".

But then again, there lies the problem. The lobbyists pay the
the pack money to pay for the advertizing that tells people what the
politician's constituents want to hear.

If George Bush had gone into the 2000 primary saying "We should
declare war
in the Middle-east and give the oil fields back to Haliburton, Exxon,
and BP",
he would have croaked in the primaries.  Hi he had told the public
should still be allowed to collect $40 billion in profits per year on
$60 billion in
revenue for software that spreads malware that helps identity thieves
in Nigeria
get away with stealing $billions from American citizens.

MSNBC did a great program called "To catch and ID Thief".
They even showed how they traced the perpetrators back to
an Internet Cafe in Nigeria (using Linux/Unix, without mentioning
the word Linux or Unix).

No, the Republicans will tell the public how they are going to lower
taxes, and bring prayer back into the schools.  This helps the
churches fill the buses with right-wing voters who probably don't
know about the real plans.

The Democrats are no better.  Their constituency tends to be very
dependent on government programs, and they promise better health
care, better low income housing, and better public schools.  Of
they are funded by Labor Unions, Nurses Unions, and Teachers Unions.
Teachers Unions don't want teacher's losing tenure if their students
can't pass simple literacy tests.

> When that day happens, we will have become as corrupt and
> despicable as those in office now.

Fortunately, the constitution was designed to prevent one party or one
group of lobbyists from taking control and purging the opposition.
No party has maintained control of all 4 branches of government
(House, Senate, President, Court) for more than a few years.  The
backlash swings the government back to center.

> Sorry, JMHO...
> Signed, A VERY Jaded American Citizen and Resident.
> --
> Jerry McBride

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