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Re: [News] Is Windows "a Cancer" to GPL? Microsoft Subjected to GPL?

____/ Linonut on Saturday 01 September 2007 13:46 : \____

> After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o' wisdom:
>> GPL Violations On Windows Go Unnoticed?
>> Microsoft Embraces Machinima ... and Maybe the GPL?
>> What Microsoft can and cannot do
>> Sony Abandons Proprietary Platform for Walkman Digital Devices
>> Ten Tech Blunders: Whoops, We Stepped in It!
> Don't step in the micro-soft!
>> Microsoft denies Novell deal is breach of 'cancer' (GPL)
>    Results 1 - 10 of about 4,470 for "Microsoft is a cancer".

Won't work, probably because of permutation. Cancer is a Microsoft would fit as
well, as in "the doctor's diagnosis says I have a Microsoft". Anyway, we're
moving into morbid humour territory here. Blame Ballmer for starting the whole
thing by comparing programming and law to an illness. Gates used the political
analogy ("communism") and Allchin used nationalism ("unamerican").

Microsoft and stereotypes. What a pair!

                ~~ Best of wishes

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