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Re: [News] FSF Prepared to Sue Microsoft for Stating It's Above the Law (and Exempt from GPLv3)

____/ [H]omer on Saturday 01 September 2007 02:03 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Linonut spake thusly:
>> After takin' a swig o' grog, DFS belched out this bit o' wisdom:
>>> There might be millions of open source freeloaders who
>>> psychotically believe MS owes them something, but regular (read:
>>> sane) people don't feel that way.
>> Bull.  They feel MS owes them reliable, safe products.
> Considering the Windows Tax that goes to MS with the sale of every PC,
> I'd say they /owe/ everyone who uses a computer, regardless of whether
> or not they run Windows - the users still /pay/ Microsoft. DooFy has
> already admitted that previously.
> MS also "owes" us things other than money too, such as an explanation
> ("235 patent infringements"), an apology (corrupting standards and
> bribing "partners" to pervert the Standards process), information (about
> their proprietary formats and protocols that they use as lock-in
> devices), and last but not least they owe us a solution to the global
> disaster of spam and Malware /they/ caused with their bug-infested,
> Swiss-cheese operating systems.
> Note: A /standard/ is *not* a "product" - we're not asking for
> Microsoft's products, merely the standards used by them, in order to
> build /our own/ products that are /interoperable/, thus alleviating
> Microsoft's tortuous interference with competition caused by their
> present monopoly. Most of the /real/ standards in use in the world today
> were /open/ ... /long/ before Microsoft came along and arbitrarily
> decided that standards should be perverted into some kind of commodity.
> That includes, naturally, most of the standards already used in
> GNU/Linux. Certainly the EU Antitrust Commission believes that Microsoft
> /owes/ us that information, which is why they fine Microsoft Millions of
> euros for not capitulating.
> With the damage that Microsoft has done across the board in the IT
> industry, it's clear that they /owe/ a great deal to many people.
> As for DooFy's broken-record comments WRT "freeloaders"; /we/ create the
> software and /we/ give it away. There is no "freeloading". The only
> freeloaders are the idiots who pirate Microsoft's proprietary Shovelware
> rather than legitimately use Free Software - i.e. the majority of
> Windows users.

Microsoft's senior staff is a case of "freeloading" labour.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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