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Re: [OT] Apache Director Mugged, Apple Shops Still Attract Burglars

____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Friday 31 August 2007 23:16 : \____

>> Apple sells one in six US laptops
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | Apple was the US' third biggest retail laptop vendor in June, market
>> | watcher NPD has revealed. The Mac maker is behind only HP and Toshiba, but
>> | ahead of Dell, Gateway and Lenovo.
>> `----
>> http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2007/08/29/us_laptop_sales_june/
> Of course Apple's installation base and their share of recent sales
> are different.  I had read somewhere that overall, laptop sales now
> exceed desktops.  The article above isn't counting desktops, but Apple
> sells those, too.  Looks like their share of recent sales is higher
> than their share of the installed base, and is growing (13% to 16% in
> last few months).  Not a good trend for Microsoft.  I see a lot of
> positive comments from people who have switched to OS/X, and I've
> never seen one going the other way.  Probably exist of course, and
> when the Microsoft propaganda ministry gets around to it, there will
> probably be lots of such "stories".   In the meantime, we live in
> interesting times.

I can't recall the story and I can't think of a way to find it quickly (I
posted this to COLA and I think Pogue covered it), but Microsoft got caught
(in Slashdot I think) doing a marketing stunt... something called "confession
of a Mac user" (a headline that goes along these lines).

The gist: Microsoft used one of its arms (IIRC, one that is related to
the "letters from dead people" and "Tux penguins and Al Gore" video) to fake a
story about someone moving from Mac OS to Windows.

Unethical. Crooks in suits.

                ~~ Best of wishes

Roy S. Schestowitz      |    "Far away from home, robots build people"
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