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[News] [Rival] Antitrust Barrier for the MSBBC, Data Leak Disaster

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Project Kangaroo gets more time to defend anti-trust claims

,----[ Quote ]
| The Competition Commission said today that its anti-trust investigation into 
| Project Kangaroo, the joint internet TV venture by BBC Worldwide, ITV and 
| Channel 4, will take longer than expected.  


Another Monopolyware from Ashley Highfield et al.

BBC apologises after children’s personal data stolen

,----[ Quote ]
| The BBC has apologised to parents and started an investigation after a memory 
| stick containing the personal data of hundreds of children was stolen. 


The BBC is part of the Microsoftology cult now. It cannot be trusted.

Bush and Vole told to leave Italy

,----[ Quote ]
| But like most graffiti it does not say "Bush and Vole go home". We are 
| unreliably informed by Babelfish that it means something like "Bush: Rome 
| doesn’t want you" which is probably OK because he doesn't know where it is 
| anyway.   



BBC set to name Erik Huggers as Ashley Highfield's successor

,----[ Quote ]
| The BBC is expected to confirm that former Microsoft executive Erik Huggers
| is to replace Ashley Highfield as the new BBC director of future media and
| technology as early as today.



BBC iPlayer protest report

,----[ Quote
| First on site with me is Tom Chance, Green Party spokesperson on Free
| Software. He has organized for Dr Derek Wall, lead spokesperson for the Green
| Party to join us and make some statements about BBC iPlayer and the Microsoft
| lock-in it establishes.  
| [...]
| We have 1500 fliers to distribute, that focus on the key issue with the
| iPlayer, and why $130 Million and 4 years of development don't get you much
|                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| when you choose Microsoft DRM.  


BBC Director General grilled by MPs on iPlayer

,----[ Quote ]
| During the meeting there is discussion of iPlayer’s total cost to the licence
| fee-payer - the BBC representatives are unable to give a figure, but start
| the bidding at £20m, excluding staff costs. Thomson gives incorrect
| information - that Mac and Linux versions of iPlayer have the same
| functionality as Windows versions - and has to change his evidence at the
| end. Perhaps it was this confusion that prompted Dr John Pugh MP to follow up
| the encounter with a letter direct to Mark Thomson today discussing platform
| neutrality in greater detail. A copy of this letter has been passed to the
| Open Rights Group.        


BBC website £36m 'overspend'

,----[ Quote ]
| THE BBC went almost £36 million over the intended budget for bbc.co.uk in the
| past year, it was disclosed today.


The BBC Has Drunk its Brain

,----[ Quote ]
| Good to see the BBC with its finger on the pulse of computing, bravely
| serving up the facts without fear or favour here:
|     Microsoft's next operating system (OS) will come with multi-touch
|     features as an alternative to the mouse.
| Rather like the Hewlett-Packard touchscreen system I used back in the 1980s.
| [...]
| Is this a similar statement to 2003's "Bill Gates said that Longhorn will
| have a unified storage system called WinFS." found at
| http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/3220017.stm


Has the BBC Duped Us over iPlayer?

,----[ Quote ]
| I wonder how that complaint about the BBC providing state aid to Microsoft is
| coming along....


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| If I ask you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be?  
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.


BBC pinches hot new columnist from Microsoft


Beeb slammed for 'fawning' to Bill Gates

,----[ Quote ]
| BBC viewers have flooded the corporation with complaints over how it
| covered the launch of Microsoft Vista earlier this week.
| In one cringingly servile interview worthy of Uriah Heep, the
| Beeb's news presenter Hugh Edwards even thanked Gates at the
| end of it, presumably in appreciation at being allowed to give
| the Vole vast coverage for free.
| In other TV news items presenters excitedly explained how Vistac
| ould be obtained and installed - details courtesy of the BBC's
| website.
| But British viewers, currently forced to pay a £131.50 licence
| fee to maintain the BBC's "impartiality", were less than impressed.
| Scores got in touch to complain that so much was Auntie up Bill's
| bum that you could barely see her corset.


BBC iPlayer Protests

,----[ Quote ]
| Who are the people responsible for creating this mess?
|     * Mark Thompson, BBC director general (DG)
|     * Erik Huggers, group controller at BBC Future Media & Technology
|     * Ashley Highfield, director of new media and technology
| Right now, there is very considerable concern within the BBC that the actions
| of the Director General and his team are sending the corporation in the wrong
| direction. The BBC has been embroiled in a number of recent controversies,
| all linked back to the DG's leadership.  


Leaked Ofcom blueprint bashes Beeb

,----[ Quote ]
| OFCOM SECRETS have again slipped out, as latest report suggests that the poor
| old BBC may have to ‘donate’ some of its licence fee to other channels.
| This leaked information suggests the BBC’s ‘excess’ licence money will be
| given, yes given, to other broadcasters for public service by 2012.


Remoulding Microsoft for the web

,----[ Quote ]
| Yesterday two of Microsoft's leading executives, Jean Philippe Courtois, head
| of all Microsoft outside North America, and Gordon Frazer, head of Microsoft
| UK visited BBC News' Business Unit, as part of a series of lunchtime talks we
| arrange with leading businesses.

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