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[News] Firefox Lauded for Security, Linux Benchmarks Show Advantage

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Firefox 3 beefs up security

,----[ Quote ]
| The browser loads web sites two to three times faster than its predecessor. 
| Among the central functions of the newest Firefox are guards against 
| malicious software and phishing attacks. This prevents pages known to 
| disseminate viruses, trojans or spyware from being loaded in the first place. 
| That blacklist is updated every half hour.    


Make Firefox fly: building from a minefield of source

,----[ Quote ]
| The new, record breaking, Firefox 3 web browser is the fastest version of 
| Firefox yet. But are you really getting the biggest bang for your buck 
| (metaphorically speaking, because, of course, Firefox is free?) You can eke 
| out a better disk and memory footprint and higher speeds by building it 
| yourself from the original source code. I'll show you how, with genuine 
| metrics to prove it.     



Streamlined Firefox 3 makes browsing safer, more productive

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox 3 is a wonderfully crafted release. It has new features and
| improvements all across the board, from the user interface to processing CSS.
| The release pays special attention to security, and in keeping with the times
| allows users to replace desktop apps with Web apps for tasks such as replying
| to email. Mozilla has also added smart features to existing components, like
| the download manager, bookmarks and history organizer, and add-ons manager.
| Despite all the new bling, Firefox 3 isn't bloated, and in a variety of tests
| comfortably outperforms previous Firefox releases.


Speed Testing the Latest Web Browsers

,----[ Quote ]
| Read the hype on every new web browser released or due out this year, and
| you'll see claims that every one of them is "faster" than all the others. You
| could compare super-specific tests and decipher all the code-brain
| terminology, and you'd still be left wondering which browser starts quicker,
| uses less memory, and slides through dynamic interfaces like Gmail the
| fastest. Since our squadron of independent analysts had the week off, we ran
| the latest editions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera 9.5, and Safari for
| Windows through some unscientific but highly geeky tests ourselves on a plain
| old Windows computer. Take a look at the full (and somewhat unexpected)
| results after the jump.


Firefox 3.0 RC 1 takes the lead on speed

,----[ Quote ]
| So, how does Firefox 3.0 RC 1 compare? This latest run of tests was run on
| the same hardware and software platform as previous tests (to make sure
| nothing had changed we re-ran some of the browsers to check that we got the
| same results). Also added to the listing were Opera 9.27 and Opera 9.50 Beta
| 2.


Mozilla speeds up Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox 3.0, released this week, is dramatically faster than its predecessor
| and rivals, benchmark tests claim -- the result of hundreds of performance
| improvements designed to make the open-source browser the best at running
| complex Web 2.0 applications, Mozilla's chief developer said this week.


Firefox 3 Beta 4 is 5x faster than IE7, 3x faster than FF2

,----[ Quote ]
| The almost-but-not-quite-final beta of Firefox 3 (FF3 beta 4) is now
| available for download. The most noticeable improvement is speed. In some
| tests, it’s three times faster than Firefox 2 (meaning the test completes in
| 1/3 the time), and a whopping five times faster than IE 7...


Mozilla: Firefox 3 beats IE7 and Opera in memory tests

,----[ Quote ]
| Work done to plug Firefox's memory leaks and reduce its RAM profile has paid
| off, two of Mozilla's engineers said Friday, as they claimed that the newest
| beta of their open-source browser uses less memory than rivals such as
| Internet Explorer and Opera.


Firefox 3 Memory Usage

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking at the graph:
|     * All browsers increase in memory use slightly over time, but the Firefox
|       3 slope is closer to 0.
|     * The peak of Firefox 3 is lower than the terminal size of Firefox 2!
|     * The terminal state of Firefox 3 is nearly 140MB smaller than Firefox 2.
|       60% less memory!
|     * IE7 doesn’t appear to give any memory back, even after all the windows
|       are closed!
|     * Firefox 3 ends up about 400mb smaller than IE7 at the end of the test!

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