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[News] Reddit Chooses CPAL and Exposes Source Code

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What is Reddit Announcing Tomorrow? And Why Is A Penguin Involved?

,----[ Quote ]
| Social news website Reddit will be making an announcement at its invite-only 
| party tomorrow in San Francisco. Invites include the image above, prominently 
| featuring a mysterious penguin alongside the company's logo (the alien 
| thing). So what are they getting at?   
| Penguins have long been associated with the open-source OS Linux, stemming 
| from Linus Torvalds's decision to use one as Linux's mascot (he's named Tux, 
| and you can see him here). Could Linux somehow be involved in Reddit's 
| announcement?   


Conde Nast's Reddit goes open-source

,----[ Quote ]
| Reddit, the social news site that publishing giant Conde Nast acquired in 
| 2006, has made a big announcement: The site's code, as of Wednesday, is open 
| source. It's been released under the Common Public Attribution License 
| (CPAL).   



Facebook To Open Source Facebook Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Sometime soon, perhaps this week, Facebook will turn the year-old Facebook
| Platform into an open source project, multiple sources have told us. The
| immediate effect will be to allow any social network to become Facebook
| Platform compatible - meaning application developers can easily take their
| Facebook applications and have them run on those social networks, too.


Facebook adopts the CPAL poison pill

,----[ Quote ]
| For more traditional software projects, customers derive value from being
| able to modify the source code. But Facebook's customers are unlikely to do
| so, and now its partners (and competitors) won't do so, either. CPAL may make
| sense in some contexts, but I'm not sure this is one of them, unless Facebook
| actually intends for no one to modify its source code....


CPAL? What's That?

,----[ Quote ]
| In other words, if someone builds a web site based on the Facebook code, they
| must make the source code of their modifications available as soon as they
| let users into the site - whether or not they ship their own site code as a
| separate product.
| One further note about the CPAL: because it's based on the MPL, it is not
| compatible with the GPL.  Facebook does not appear to have availed itself of
| the dual-licensing provisions of the CPAL, meaning that any of Facebook's
| CPAL-licensed code cannot legally be linked with GPL code.


Is Facebook an open source hero or Microsoft clone?

,----[ Quote ]
| Of far more interest to me is Facebook’s attempt to control its open source
| future, mainly under the Common Public Attribution License (the badgeware
| license) approved by the OSI after submission by SocialText.

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