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[News] Munich Develops Free/Open Source Software to Sit on Top of its Debian (LiMux)

  • Subject: [News] Munich Develops Free/Open Source Software to Sit on Top of its Debian (LiMux)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 20:22:54 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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DE: Munich GNU/Linux desktop selects European Open Source licence

,----[ Quote ]
| The LiMux developers are not changing licences of existing software, but they 
| are releasing their own additional applications using the EUPL. 


They use Debian GNU/Linux and customise it.

10 Reasons to Love Debian

,----[ Quote ]
| This is not a rant about Debian vs. Ubuntu. I used both, loved both, and I'm 
| currently using Debian Lenny. It's not about Debian versus any other 
| distribution either: in fact, I only tried a few other distros, and most of 
| them were Debian-based.   


Overview of Proxmox VE

,----[ Quote ]
| Summary
| Proxmox is an example of the end product being greater than the sum of parts. 
| All the technologies used to build Proxmox are not unique however putting 
| them all together and adding a nice interface is. Overall I am very impressed 
| with the ease of use and quality of the software. The flexibility that is 
| provided by virtualization plus the ease of administration provided by 
| Proxmox is a great combination for anybody looking to use virtualization.     
| Introduction to Proxmox VE
| Proxmox VE is virtualization platform based on Debian Etch x86_64. It comes 
| as a self contained ISO installer, just pop the CD on supported hardware and 
| it installs automatically because of this it will only run of 64bit machines. 
| That makes testing out a Proxmox server impossible on older hardware.   



City of Munich and German Federal Foreign Office start collaboration

,----[ Quote
| According to this German article, the City of Munich and the German Federal 
| Foreign Office have started to collaborate on the implementation of their 
| open source and open standards strategies. I would not be surprised if other 
| organizations decided to join the "alliance" as well. Anyway, very cool to 
| see government organizations collaborate regarding the usage of open source 
| and open standards.     



Munich Linux scales desktop management

,----[ Quote ]
| The City of Munich has developed impressive systems
| for rolling out and maintaining Linux desktops for
| large numbers of users, according to a British
| developer who had a close-up view of the system.
| [...]
| "Most of the work has been in configuration and
| systems... rather than custom packages on the clients
| themselves," McIntyre said in a blog post last week.
| "The vast majority of the packages installed come
| straight from the standard Debian archive."
| [...]
| LiMux developers have automated installation via
| Debian's FAI (fully automatic installation) system,
| according to McIntyre, with configuration information
| stored in LDAP and the database administration
| program GOsa as a front-end. "They've integrated
| these to enable some very clever management features
| so that all aspects of the city-wide system can be
| maintained from one central point," McIntyre said.

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