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[News] Old PCs Reborn with GNU/Linux; Linux on Lightweight Laptops

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New Life for an Old PC

,----[ Quote ]
| If you and your friend do not want to spend a lot of money, putting the Linux 
| operating system on the old PC is a much less expensive option. Many versions 
| of Linux have a graphical point-and-click interface these days, but they 
| still may have a learning curve for new users.   
| [...]
| Putting Linux on the old computer means you won’t be able to run Windows 
| programs without some technical know-how and software like WINE (winehq.org). 
| But if your friend just wants to use your old computer for basic tasks like 
| e-mail, Web browsing and word processing, Linux is quite capable. Ubuntu 
| Desktop Linux even comes with the OpenOffice word-processing, spreadsheet and 
| presentation software, the Firefox Web browser, a calendar and an e-mail 
| program — the free equivalents of Microsoft software like the Office programs 
| and Internet Explorer.       


Subnotebook Blues: Lightweights in More Ways Than One

Asus Eee PC 900

,----[ Quote ]
| Taiwanese upstart Asus made a name for itself last year with the itty-bitty 
| 2-pound, Linux-based US$299 Eee PC, popular with techies but hamstrung in a 
| few ways. Asus recently unveiled a welcome newcomer, the Eee PC 900. While 
| keeping the petite form factor pretty much intact, the latest model ups the 
| size of the screen from 7 inches to 8.9 inches, boosting the resolution along 
| the way. Alas, the price is also considerably larger: $550, up from $299.     



Could the EEE 900 be the School Computer of the Future?

,----[ Quote ]
| The user interface is pretty interesting, and while much has been made of the
| tabs at the top of the screen in lieu of a traditional desktop, what I found
| most interesting was the fact that Asus blatantly mimicked the Windows XP
| theme as far as buttons and menu bars (see pictures below). It's an
| interesting way to go, trying to lessen the Linux shock for newcomers by
| making things at least appear to be the same, but I suppose that's a topic
| for another time. In any case, I had a few people who needed help noticing
| the tabs at the top of the screen, but once they saw them nobody had any
| trouble finding what they needed. Seemed to be effective, if not exactly
| expected.
| [...]
| Despite my own reservations about the eee 900, since I started loaning it out
| to teachers last week it's gotten nothing but positive results. Women
| especially seem to like it (maybe because they can see carrying it in a
| purse?) which is good since 80% of our staff is female. I think the reason
| for this is twofold: first, they really do like the small form factor offered
| by the eee.



Microsoft worried over Linux ULPCs

,----[ Quote
| An un-named Microsoft official quoted in the original article claims that
| manufacturers currently offering Linux on their low-cost devices “have made
| some good inroads with open-source, and Microsoft wants to put a stop to it.”

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