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[News] Google Bets on JavaScript and XML for Meshes

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Google brews mashier OpenSocial language

,----[ Quote ]
| A decision on whether to press ahead with a re-usable architecture from 
| Google to simplify the development of applications spanning multiple social 
| networks is due in the next few days.  
| Members of Google's OpenSocial project are next week expected to vote on a 
| proposal for a new template language that'll be used to build tags for use 
| with OpenSocial. OpenSocial defines common APIs for applications across 
| multiple sites using JavaScript and XML.   



SpringSource CEO: "The Future of Enterprise Java is Clear and Bright"

,----[ Quote ]
| "Organizations now have a choice that reduces the complexity associated with
| legacy Java EE servers," said SpringSource CEO Rod Johnson yesterday as his
| company attempted to redefine the application server market by releasing the
| SpringSource Application Platform, an enterprise Java application server that
| Johnson contends provides "a dramatically simpler alternative to legacy
| application servers and redefines the way in which Java applications are
| deployed and run."


Why Open Source Java will Win SaaS Platform Wars

,----[ Quote ]
| Every ten years there is a dramatic shift in the development tools world: in
| the 80s to client/server, in the 90s to three tier and now in the 00’s to
| SaaS. In each of these shifts, the dominant development tools providers have
| been supplanted by a new generation. This time around, the seismic shift is
| being driven by the on-demand architecture and the ISVs have the most urgent
| need to rebuild their solutions to remain competitive.
| Over the next five years, we will see the 500 pound gorillas of the
| development world like Microsoft’s ASP.NET and Sun’s J2EE unseated. In their
| place will be new software platforms based on traditional languages that are
| specially designed to enable development of SaaS applications.

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