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[News] Moving Beyond OOXML to ODF and OpenOffice.org

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Open standards

,----[ Quote ]
| Thomas is part of the legal team representing some companies in the EU 
| against Microsoft. 
| The bit in the interview that caught my attention was the following quote:
|     We filed our complaint with the Commission last February, over 
|     Microsoft's refusal to disclose their Office file formats (.doc, .xls, 
|     and .ppt), so it could be fully compatible and interoperable with others' 
|     software, like Linux. We also had concerns with their collaboration 
|     software with XP, e-mail software, and OS server software and some media 
|     server software with their existing products. They use their vast 
|     resources to delay things as long as possible and to wear people down so 
|     they'll give up.       
| [...]
| What is worse is that even if people manage to stop OOXML from becoming an 
| ISO standard it will be an ephemeral victory. 
| We need to recognize that this is the problem. Instead of trying to bury 
| OOXML, which amounts to covering the sun with your finger. 
| We need to make sure that OpenOffice.org can thrive on its technical grounds.


OpenOffice.org 3.0 Beta and Extensions Show Strong Momentum;

,----[ Quote ]
| Advanced Integration of OpenOffice.org with Apple VoiceOver, ODF Editing is 
| Now Accessible on All Key Desktop Platforms; More Than 100 Extensions 
| Available for OpenOffice.org  


Microsoft Admits Being Half-Open Doesn't Work

,----[ Quote ]
| Telling people what is going on isn't a problem for GNU/Linux, of course, 
| because the entire process is conducted out in the open. If 
| information “changes”, people know about it the second that change becomes 
| apparent – not “later”.   


This is about vapourware, either the ODF 'support' announcement or Windows
7apourware mockups/demos. Microsoft talks about a mythical future, FOSS talks
about what's available /today/.

Days ago:

CSIR to switch 2300 users to Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Parastal CSIR, South Africa’s national science and technology research
| organisation, is readying to switch most of its more than 2300 staff to using
| Ubuntu Linux as their default desktop


German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) Deploys StarOffice [and
Debian GNU/Linux]

,----[ Quote ]
| According to this German article, the German Federal Office for Information
| Security (BSI) is switching to StarOffice for all 500 desktop PCs. 90% of the
| BSI employees have already gone through the migration. Another great success
| story for ODF!

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