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[News] Open Graphics Group Interviewed

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Group interview: a graphic view of the open hardware movement. Part 2:
technical and social issues

,----[ Quote ]
| And, just as it took the pioneering work of the GNU project to change the 
| world into one in which free software innovation is easy and natural, it will 
| take bold initiatives to pioneer open hardware. In the meantime, like the 
| early GNU project which ran on proprietary Unix operating systems (that being 
| the only ones available), we cope as best we can.    
| In this second part of the interview, I spoke to project founder Timothy 
| Miller (TM), open hardware board members Lourens Veen (LV) and Attila Kinali 
| (AK), as well as Timothy’s Traversal Technology partner Andy Fong (AF) and 
| physicist Dr. Petter Urkedal (PU) who designed a “nanocontroller” for the 
| Open Graphics architecture.    


NVIDIA is probably going open source pretty soon. They have a big announcement


Open Graphics Project to Announce Pre-Orders

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Graphics Project founder Timothy Miller recently noted on the project's 
| mailing list that they are set to announce that their first hardware, the 
| OGD1, is ready for pre-order.   
| [...]
| He then explained that though the OGD1 could function as a graphics card, it 
| is instead offered as a competitively priced FPGA development kit, "we need 
| to make it clear what OGD1 is and why buying one is an important step for 
| Free Software..."   


The Open Graphics Development Board

,----[ Quote ]
| Additional details are available on the Traversal Technology Product Page.



First Open Graphics board appears 

,----[ Quote ]
| This project is on the basis that a GPU should not end up with
| tons of propriatary software or hardware, containing hidden
| problems that aren't mentioned to the press, and yet cause
| nervous breakdowns for developers worldwide.


Interview: Timothy Miller, Open Graphics Project

,----[ Quote ]
| The OGP grew rapidly after I first started it, and it's continued to
| grow gradually since then. Now, we have Traversal Technology and also
| the Open Hardware Foundation that's dedicated to the non-profit,
| community, and democratic aspects of the project. Our mailing list has
| over 500 members, including well-known Linux kernel hackers, 3D graphics
| experts, college professors, representatives of many other open
| source projects, hardware designers, and people who want to become
| hardware designers.


Open source hardware comes out of closet

,----[ Quote ]
| EVER SINCE open-source software created a buzz, people have stroked chins, 
| pondered and pontificated about the possibility of open-source hardware – and 
| now it’s becoming a reality.  


The Future of Hardware is Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Hardware is the future of technology, and all we need to kick off this 
| next great revolution in technology is to have the right tools in the right  
| place at the right time.  After that, the sky’s the limit!  


Open Source Hardware: Birth Of A Long Tail Market?

,----[ Quote ]
| And when there is unrestricted collaboration, nearly anything is possible. 
| Buglabs, the open source hardware movement and other yet-to-be discovered 
| frontiers have the same opportunity here.  

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