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Re: [Rival] GOOGLE Down 21% for the Year

<nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Stock quotes, May 29, 2008 vs 1 year ago (source:  Yahoo finance)
> First today, next a year ago, then percentage change
> MSFT    28.62         30.35              -6%
> AAPL   187.86       114.35          +64%
> GOOG  582.41        487.11         +23%
> Yes, the year in which Vista was introduced has really lifted
> Microsoft's spirits.

Evidently you changed the time frame being looked at. Roy posted "for the 
year" meaning Year-to-Date and the 21% decline is consistent with a year to 
date time frame.

Using the time frame you selected (12 months) will obviously give you a 
different result, and it did. There's lots of creative things you can do 
with stock prices and charts. Creatively select the optimal timeframe and 
any company can be made to look like a hero or a zero.

My point is that looking at stock price is complete nonsense. I was under 
the impression that this was closer to a technical newsgroup then a 
financial stock trading newsgroup. Unless you guys are buying and selling 
these stocks when who cares and why?

Do you think that the stock price somehow indicates the quality of a company 
or their products? Because for example during the first two months of 2008 
Google stock fell by 35% and Apple stock fell by almost 40%. Did Google's 
technology get 35% worse during this time? In the last 3 months Apple is up 
50% - did Apple's technology and products get 50% better since then? So 
what's the connection - and if there isn't one then what's the point?

Unless there's some correlation between a stock price and a company then I 
just don't see the point in discussing it. And if claiming that because MSFT 
is down 21% year to date somehow indicates the demise of MS then why doesn't 
the exact same 21% drop in Google mean the same thing?

- ss

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