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[News] EU-Funded Agency Wastes Time Fighting Microsoft Windows Zombies

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EU agency declares war on botnets

,----[ Quote ]
| ENISA, a pan-European agency designed to promote closer coordination on 
| information security, is calling for a revamp of cyber-security laws and best 
| practices in a bid to combat the growing economic impact of cyber attacks and 
| botnet spam.   


Good luck catching 320,000,000 zombie PCs. Maybe things will change when we
have 7....

                                        ...hundred million Windows zombies.


Bots rule in cyberspace

,----[ Quote ]
| USA TODAY REPORTS that on an average day, 40 per cent of the 800 million
| computers connected to the Internet are bots used to send out spam, viruses
| and to mine for sensitive personal data.  


Vista Called as Vulnerable as Predecessors

,----[ Quote ]
| It looks as if Vista's reputation for improved security could be heading for
| the pages of history. PC Tools has renewed last week's attack on the platform
| with new figures that appear to back up its claim that Vista is almost as
| vulnerable as its predecessors.


Gaining System-Level Access To Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| This video shows a method by which a user can use a Linux distro called
| BackTrack to gain system access to Windows Vista without logging into Windows
| or knowing the username or password for any accounts. To accomplish this, the
| user renames cmd.exe to Utilman.exe — this is the program that brings up the
| Accessibility options for users without sight or with limited vision. The
| attack takes advantage of the fact that the Utility Manager can be invoked
| before the user logs into the system. The user gains System access, which is
| a level higher than Administrator. The person who discovered this security
| hole claims that XP, 2000, 2003 and NT are not vulnerable to it; only Windows
| Vista is.


Study Says Linux More Secure

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 70 percent people surveyed said they found Red Hat Linux less
| vulnerable to security issues than Microsoft's operating system.


Study: 70 percent say Red Hat more secure than Windows


Vista security credentials tarnished in malware survey

,----[ Quote ]
| "[Vista]has been hailed by Microsoft as the most secure version of Windows to
| date. However, recent research conducted with statistics from over 1.4
| million computers within the ThreatFire community has shown that Windows
| Vista is more susceptible to malware than the eight year old Windows 2000
| operating system, and only 37 per cent more secure than Windows XP," said
| Simon Clausen, chief exec at PC Tools.


Vista as Insecure as Windows 2000


Estonian DDoS attacks "highly organised" but spontaneous

,----[ Quote ]
| Such a confederation was identified in the case of the Dark OwneD Mafia
| cracker network, 110760 five of whom were recently arrested in Spain. It
| might indeed explain why only one person has so far been prosecuted in
| connection with the Estonian attacks.

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