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[News] Indonesia Complains to Microsoft About Incompatibility with #1 Rival

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Govt urges software developers to increase compatibility

,----[ Quote ]
| Incompatibility between proprietary software and open source software (OSS) 
| remains a major barrier to reducing piracy in the country, the government 
| says.  
| Communication and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh said in the Second 
| Indonesia Go Open Source (IGOS) Summit that proprietary software makers 
| should increase compatibility with OSS products.  
| IGOS is a national initiative launched in June 2004 to promote OSS in the 
| country, especially in state departments. 
| "During our meeting with Bill Gates (this month), we touched on the 
| incompatibility of Microsoft software with open source software." 
| "It is troublesome (to increase compatibility), but it will eventually 
| benefit both sides," Nuh said.  


Despite Microsoft's abuse, for which it faces endless antitrust, Free software
continues to gain traction.

Open-Source Network-Management Tools: Reading Between the Lines

,----[ Quote ]
| Enter open-source network-management systems. Whether you download them for 
| free or turn to vendors such as GroundWork Open Source, Quest Software Inc., 
| Hyperic Inc. or Zenoss Inc., today’s open-source network-management tools 
| deliver high-quality functionality for a fraction of the price of their 
| closed-source counterparts.     



Unair socializes Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| Unair Information System (DSI) development head Imam Siswanto said that Unair 
| was one of 13 universities in Indonesia that were supporting Open Source. 


Less software piracy means more jobs, more state revenue: Study

,----[ Quote ]
| Ansori Sinungan, director of intellectual copyright at the ministry of law 
| and human rights, said that to promote the use of legal software, the 
| government has urged consumers to shift to open-source software instead of 
| depending on pirated software.   
| The government has also been promoting the Indonesia Go Open Source (IGOS) 
| since 2005 in support of local software producers. 
| Harry Surjanto, president director of PT Computrade Technology Indonesia, 
| said that the growth of open-source support services was growing every year. 
| "The number of customers using Red Hat operating systems, for example, 
| doubled in 2007," he said.  


[Indonesia:] Govt pledges to pursue open-source software

,----[ Quote ]
| In spite of a deal with the U.S.-based software giant Microsoft,
| the government pledged Wednesday that it would continue promoting
| the use of open-source software.
| [...]
| Kusmayanto said -- without mentioning Microsoft by name -- that
| dependence on one operating system would curtail the country's
| freedom to choose software most consistent with its own needs.
| [...]
| The deal has, however, come under fire, including from the House
| of Representatives, with critics arguing that it will create a
| monopoly for Microsoft, and undermine the government's own IGOS
| program, which encourages the use of free open-source software
| for the public sector.


Open source, closed mind

,----[ Quote ]
| It recently launched the Indonesia Goes Open-Source Nusantara 2006
| package, which provides desktop software based on Linux Fedora Core 5
| and with the ability to operate applications such as Open Office for
| text documents, Firefox for Internet browsing, Thunderbird for email
| and Gaim for chatting.
| The ministry's website also lists a range of open-source software
| material, domestic and foreign, from which material can be downloaded
| for free.
| Furthermore, the use of open-source software cuts down on piracy,
| which is as prevalent in this country as the use of computers. 


Sofyan: Open Source Hampers Government's Activity

,----[ Quote ]
| The Department of Research and Technology will involve eight
| universities as developing agents of Indonesia GO Open Source
| (IGOS) program. They include Bandung Institute of Technology,
| Sepuluh November Institute of Technology, Gadjah Mada University,
| University of Indonesia, Udayana University, Deli Polytechnics,
| Batam Polytechnics and President University.


Open-source system sought for SMEs, ministries

,----[ Quote ]
| To help protect intellectual property rights and reduce costs, the
| State Ministry for Research and Technology is urging state
| institutions, and small and medium enterprises to adopt open-source
| software for their computers. The Information and Communications
| Ministry had already saved on its IT budget after deciding
| to migrate.


Sun Microsystems Committed to Help Indonesian Government Champion Open-Source
IT Movement

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun Microsystems reaffirmed its commitment to work closely with the 
| Indonesian Government and its various departments to boost information and 
| technology (IT) development especially to elevate the use of open source 
| technology in Indonesia.   

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