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[News] University Students Develop Free Software, Universities Choose FOSS

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Open-source Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Three student-developed projects were presented at the Online News 
| Association conference last year. This summer, the innovative digital news 
| projects are being tested at newspapers. We were instructed to use 
| open-source software for our projects.   
| Open-source is free. In the open-source community, there are comparable 
| programs for every retail package produced by the big companies. Open-source 
| software can be well- documented and is often supported by a large community 
| of programmers.   
| For example, Gimp, an open-source tool that does most of what Adobe Photoshop 
| does, can be downloaded for free at www.gimp.org. Adobe Photoshop CS3 is a 
| minimum of $369.00. The developers who maintain Gimp provide downloadable 
| manuals and plug-ins and tutorials as well. They even have a user forum. Gimp 
| is stable and well- respected in the design community. Amazon.com lists at 
| least five recent how-to books on Gimp.     
| Another open-source example is OpenOffice (available at www.openoffice.org). 
| Students who may end up writing for a living can download this very robust 
| office suite for free and for just about any computer platform including 
| Windows and OSX. The program includes a word processor, a presentation 
| program, a spreadsheet program and a basic drawing program. Sound familiar?    


Top Universities Rely on GroundWork Open Source for IT Management and

,----[ Quote ]
| Universities Like University of New Mexico, University of Utah, Cleveland 
| State University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Deploy  
| GroundWork 



MIT students demonstrate their Android applications

,----[ Quote ]
| This just in; kids that go to MIT are really F-ing smart. I just saw seven
| Android applications that have been developed over the short span of four
| months — with very little (if any) money — as part of a class
| called “Building Mobile Applications with Android”. It was a lot like most
| college presentations, except that HTC, Google, Verizon, Sprint, and the
| press don’t usually show up.
| Hit the jump for a peek at the applications.

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