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[News] Google Event All About Mobile Linux Platform; Google F*cks Up with Windows

  • Subject: [News] Google Event All About Mobile Linux Platform; Google F*cks Up with Windows
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 16:29:19 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Android’s Debut Steals the Show at Google IO

,----[ Quote ]
| Google wanted to talk about software engineering on the open web at its 
| developer event on Wednesday, but the demo of its Android operating system 
| for next-generation mobile phones ended up drawing the most attention.  


Google pulls a Windows-only? And Web-based? That's a no-no...

Google Earth Escapes the Client and Comes to the Browser

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's 3D data has escaped the client and is now a welcome addition to the 
| browser! Today at Google I/O a Google Earth Browser plugin is going to be 
| released. With the plugin installed anybody with a Windows machine will be 
| able to view Google Earth mashups in the comfort of their own browser instead 
| of having to pull up a separate client.    


Embed Google Earth In Your Site

,----[ Quote ]
| The Google Earth Plugin was just released this morning (Radar post) and there 
| is already a handy third-party tool available. This is unsurprising 
| considering the general buzz at Google I/O. If you want to embed a 3D Google 
| Earth Map in your site simply follow the directions below.   


Shame on Google if they don't make it cross-platform quickly.


Is Google Android the Next Windows?

,----[ Quote ]
| On the flip side, Good Android (here’s a video demo) is a cross-platform
| software environment that multiple hardware vendors and service providers are
| expected to embrace. Although Android isn’t fully baked, Google is
| aggressively promoting the operating environment to third party developers.
| The idea is to get developers on board early, so that tons of Android
| applications are ready when Android-compatible devices finally debut.
| [...]
| Eventually, The VAR Guy suspects, Android devices will easily leapfrog
| iPhone’s market share. But that’s not a terrible thing for Apple. Although
| Apple nearly died on the desktop, Apple’s more recent innovations prove that
| you can thrive even when you hold less than 10 percent of a technology
| market.


Google to give Sydney demo of Android platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Developed by the Open Handset Alliance, Android is a complete set of software
| including an operating system, middleware, a user-friendly interface and
| applications.

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