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[News] Microsoft Faking and Subverting "Open Source" Yet Again

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Microsoft’s deceptive advertising, again.

,----[ Quote ]
| Does Microsoft think we the Linux and Open Source user base are just a bunch 
| of morons? In the latest advertising campaign of the closed sourced software 
| giant that’s exactly what they are hoping for. Go ahead and check out for 
| yourself. At http://www.microsoft.com/opensource they try to make it look 
| like they are all for Open source software. They even have what they call the 
| Hero Pack, fill out a form and they will send you a pack of “open source” 
| tools that will help you become an “Open Source Hero”. What a giant load of 
| crap how does “evaluation copies” of server 2008 and Visual Studio rank as 
| open source software. They are so cheap it’s not even full versions (like I’d 
| use it if it was).         


Bunch of unethical scum. They also try to just hijack SourceForge with
sponsorship that points in this direction and FUD-inspiring awards. It's all
about *Windows-based* so-called 'open source'. Still lying:

Fear and loathing

,----[ Quote ]
| Historically, Microsoft has eschewed interoperability — developers of rival 
| office suites, such as OpenOffice.org, have had to decipher Microsoft’s 
| proprietary file formats to support them in their own products.  
| In recent years, though, Microsoft has come under growing pressure, from 
| regulators and customers (especially governments), to be less hostile to open 
| standards. The jury is still out about whether it is prepared to embrace open 
| standards fully, or whether it will merely pay lip service to the idea, while 
| working behind the scenes to poison and subvert those standards.    



Keep Your Eyes Open

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the unexpected benefits of Microsoft's desire to get some hot
| openness-juice is that in its effort to appear open it is revealing far more
| of its internal thought processes. Here's a fascinating document coming out
| of that – actually a job advertisement for the post of Senior Marketing
| Manager – Open Source Community.
| [...]
| So, let's see, who's the loser here? Oh, look, it's GNU/Linux: moving
| the “open source stacks” to the Microsoft platform means swapping out
| GNU/Linux for Windows. Indeed, as I've suggested before, this represents the
| core idea of Microsoft's current tactics: to marginalise GNU/Linux, while
| making soothing noises to the world of open source apps.
| Why might that be? Well, if you think about it, GNU/Linux is by far the most
| mature, most successful and most resilient open source project. Open source
| apps, by contrast, are relatively nenwcomers to the enterprise scene, with
| weak roots there. Bolstering the latter will do very little harm to
| Microsoft's bottom line; encouraging them to work with Microsoft on Windows
| ports, and then encouraging customers to play Swap-a-Stack will, though,
| undermine GNU/Linux's growing position in the enterprise.

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