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[News] Humour About Linux Advocacy, 'Coverting' Freiends

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Top 5 ways not to be a Linux evangelist 

,----[ Quote ]
| As I ate dinner at a recent LUG meeting, I found myself pleasantly surrounded 
| by a group of people with the same intense passion. We all shared a thorough 
| love for the beneficial and effective Linux operating system.  
| Number 1
| Do not sneak in to work early one morning, insert Linux live CDs into 
| everyone’s desktop system, and hope that when they live boot they will be 
| excited to see TUX. It is always a good idea to keep a few live-cds with you 
| so that you can offer it to someone who may be interested. But “surprising” 
| the office, including the senior VP, with the benefits of a KDE desktop is 
| probably not going to help the cause. Although, from what I’ve heard, it can 
| make your Monday morning at the office most interesting.      


Domino effect/network effect:

It Takes a Convert to Make a Convert

,----[ Quote
| I think the main reason most of the people try Linux and go back to Windows 
| is that they aren't determined to make the switch. If something is done 
| differently on Linux, they quickly jump to a conclusion that goes like 'This 
| is not right, on Windows this is done the other way around. It's no good.'   



How To Be a Linux/Free Open Source Advocate

,----[ Quote ]
| The problem is that the majority of people are used to using Microsoft 
| Windows, to doing things a certain way, and Linux does similar things, only 
| in slightly different ways.  
| So, there's a learning process which must involve reading as much as 
| possible. 



Linux Market to Triple by 2012

,----[ Quote ]
| Analyst firm Research and Markets has just put out a project on Linux-based 
| server and client hardware sales, and is projecting that the market will more 
| than triple between 2007 and 2012.  
| A market for a platform is not the same as an ecosystem for it, which is much 
| larger in that it includes the cost of people and third-party software and 
| services for the code that runs atop the platform. So the R&M Linux market 
| numbers might seem a little small. In any event, the consultancy pegged the 
| Linux product and services market for Linux running on servers and clients 
| (but not embedded systems) at $2.4 billion in 2007.     


2010: Russia's open software market to grow 4-fold

,----[ Quote ]
| Analysts note that Linux vendors are traditionally present on the mobile
| device market. According to forecasts the OS might become the leader in
| the segment accounting for 40% of it by 2010. ?Currently the share of
| mobile devices with Linux OS is not big in Russia as compared to other
| countries, such as China, for instance. However, the producer's policy,
| Nokia in particular testifies to the fact the situation is changing
| for the better", Ms. Karaeva concluded.

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