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[News] Information Dissemination Key to Utopia; Moguls Make Everyone a 'Criminal'

  • Subject: [News] Information Dissemination Key to Utopia; Moguls Make Everyone a 'Criminal'
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 02:54:00 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Information, Globalization and Democracy: The Utopian Moment?

,----[ Quote ]
| Information has always been central to accounts of democracy from its early 
| modern formulations where the emphasis was placed on the necessity of an 
| informed citizenry through to more recent movements like that of open 
| government which began in the 1960s. Open government opposed reason of state, 
| state secrecy and national security, often popularized as ‘big brother’ 
| and ‘faceless bureaucracy’, with a system of public accountability based on 
| principles of freedom of information tied to Article 19 of the Declaration of 
| Human Rights.       


Private Copying Levy: Hardware Makers Ready For Europe-Wide ‘iPod Tax’?

,----[ Quote ]
| Hardware makers meet politicians and copyright societies in Brussels today to 
| discuss introducing a Europe-wide levy on media devices, offsetting revenue 
| apparently lost from personal copying. Since 2001, 22 of Europe’s 27 
| countries have made technology manufacturers pay the surcharge on products 
| that allow music, books, movies and other copyrighted content to be copied. 
| Despite the companies having fought the obligation for years, the levy reaped 
| €568 million for rightsholders in 2004.      


Everyone's a 'thief'.


Japan to tax MP3 players

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a report in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, Japan's Agency for
| Cultural Affairs wants to force MP3 player manufacturers to pay a royalty
| charge to copyright holders that may have lost out as a result of illegally
| recorded content.


UK music industry pines for the good old days, seeks an iPod tax

,----[ Quote ]
| But that's different from what the UK's music industry is demanding. I
| happily pay Apple every time I download a song from iTunes. EMI and crew get
| a piece of that $.99 fee to cover their costs of discovering and marketing
| artists.  
| What I'm not going to pay is for the right to move that song to my computer,
| or to my phone, or wherever, just as I never had to pay to move a song from
| vinyl to cassette tape. The music industry incurs no cost in that transfer,
| and offers me no help in facilitating it. Why should it get paid for that
| transfer?    


Copyright cops demand Ipod tax

,----[ Quote ]
| British legal eagles have been trying to unshackle the UK from a law which
| makes a criminal out of you every time you copy one of your own CDs to your
| mp3 player for some time now, but the Music Business Group (MBG) says it
| won't support the change in legislation unless manufacturers impose the tax.



Music industry meeting could change the Zune

,----[ Quote ]
| Bryan Lee, corporate vice present for Microsoft's entertainment
| business, told me today that the meeting was set up as part of the
| deal struck between Microsoft and music business honchos, who are
| always wary of piracy... The meeting was supposed to take place "some
| time after the holidays," he said. It also talks about the future
| of the zune.


A Legitimate Reason to Hate the Zune (And Microsoft Too)

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's the situation: Microsoft has agreed to pay a portion of
| the profits from the sales of the Zune to a record company
| (Universal) because the Zune will undoubtedly be used to
| store unpurchased songs.
| [...]
| Here it is important to remember a few simple things. The
| money goes to the Universal, not to the artists.
| [...]
| Microsoft's move sets a bad precedent and turns all consumers into
| thieves without evidence.


Universal to seek money for each iPod sold

,----[ Quote ]
| "It would be a nice idea. We have a negotiation coming up not too
| far. I don't see why we wouldn't do that... but maybe not in the
| same way," Morris said. His "same way" comment is a reference tot
| he Zune, which Universal already gets $1 from after signing a deal
| with Microsoft.


Piracy figures are inflated say criminologists

,----[ Quote ]
| A draft report by the Australian Institute of Criminology says
| copyright holders are making up piracy figures in order to sway
| governments to their side.

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