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Re: [News] Flash for 64-bit GNU/Linux Will Come

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____/ Homer on Wednesday 28 May 2008 17:45 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Ian Hilliard spake thusly:
>> Moshe, Goldfarb. wrote:
>>>> Given that you have already declared that you are only here for
>>>> the money. I suggest that you improve your trolling. It is pretty
>>>> bloody lame.
>>> You must be speaking of Roy Schestowitz.
>> Nope, you're the one that stated that your time is too valuable, yet
>> you spend most of your time on COLA.
> IOW flatty has just admitted that he gets paid to troll COLA.
>> Humans are most successful when they work together as a community.
> Flatty /is/ part of a community ... a community of Microsoft goons who
> are paid well to attack Linux.

And spread libel about those who advocate it. I've just seen a semi-response
(maybe snipped) where Gary and the Goons make false claims, relying on the
face that I might not see it.

Make no mistake. Gary and the Goons don't operate just in COLA. They also have
different identities (Gary had like 4 accounts in Digg terminated after I

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