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[News] Sun's ODF Support in Office and Microsoft's ODF Scam

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Want ODF support in Office right now? Sun says no problem

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week, Microsoft announced plans to add support for the Open Document 
| Format (ODF), among other formats, to Office 2007 with the upcoming release 
| of Service Pack 2. The tech community quickly responded with mixed feelings, 
| but Microsoft paid no notice; the update was going to allow seamless opening, 
| editing, and saving Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents using ODF, whether 
| people liked it or not. Microsoft told those interested in the move that they 
| had to wait until the first half of 2009, and now Sun is telling them that 
| next year has come early.        


FAQ: Office 14 and Microsoft's support for ODF

,----[ Quote ]
| With its move, "if a government says ODF is our standard, then Microsoft can 
| say, 'It's our standard, too,' " Creese said. But why isn't Microsoft  
| committing to ODF 1.2? It's supposed to have better accessibility and 
| spreadsheet features than ODF 1.1. It is already in the OpenOffice 3.0 beta,  
| is expected to be finalized by OASIS this fall and is on target to be 
| ratified by ISO next summer.   


Still roadblocks ahead for OOXML:

OOXML ratification faces delay after objection

,----[ Quoye ]
| On Tuesday, an ISO representative told ZDNet UK that the organization will 
| not comment on SABS's objection until the appeal deadline closes at the end 
| of May.  



BE, NL: governments will not use ISO OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| Asked to comment on last week's ISO approval for OOXML, Fedict's chief IT
| architect, Peter Strickx, said: "There will have to be multiple
| implementations, in order for us not to become dependent on a single vendor.
| It will also have to be compatible with open standards that we already use,
| in this case Open Document Format ODF."


DE: German Foreign Ministry will not use ISO OOXML

,----[ Quote ]
| In the weeks prior to the second round of votes last September,
| irregularities were reported in the standard committees in many participating
| countries. These claims  continued until after the final discussion, in
| February and March this year.
| The European Commission has started an investigation into the allegations.
| The Commission sent a letter to all EU national standards committees in
| Europe, requesting information about the process. Sources at the Commission
| declined to comment, as the investigation is on-going and no official
| position has yet been adopted.

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