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[News] The Push for Open Source in South Africa

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Open source market calls

,----[ Quote ]
| Speaking at an open source event hosted by the Cape IT initiative at the 
| Bandwidth Barn recently, De Wet informed business owners of the opportunities 
| that are available in the open source market.  


Also new:

Talend's Data Integration Power Play

,----[ Quote ]
| One such vendor is open source data integration specialist Talend, which -- 
| with more than 250 adapters into relational databases, enterprise 
| applications, legacy systems, and other data sources -- claims to match or 
| exceed the breadth of connectivity touted by market leaders Informatica 
| Corp., SAS Institute Inc., and IBM Corp. Because Talend is all open source, 
| it easily beats the best-of-breeds on pricing, officials claim.     


Talend Announces Data Integration for MaxDB



Red Hat to open SA office

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux vendor Red Hat is to open an office in South Africa. Starting Monday
| Red Hat will have an SA-based country manager who will be responsible for the
| Southern Africa market on behalf of the company.


South Africans don’t understand OSS - Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite having an open source strategy the South African government doesn’t
| really understand how to benefit from OSS. This is according to Microsoft
| director of corporate standards, Jason Matusow. Matusow, who was in South
| Africa on an “external outreach” trip around the time SA adopted ODF as a
| national standard, writes on his blog that not only does government not
| understand how to benefit from open source software, but South Africans were
| unlikely to ever do any “deep” development work on Linux.


Government, NGOs 'turning to Linux'

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's extremely easy - basically anyone can install Linux now."
| Organisations such as the Shuttleworth Foundation, which help provide
| computers to underprivileged schools, use Linux instead of Windows to cut
| costs.  


South Africa adopts ODF as a national standard

,----[ Quote ]
| The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) on Friday approved the Open
| Document Format (ODF) as an official national South African standard. The
| adoption of ODF by South Africa opens the way for the businesses and
| government to adopt ODF more widely in their processes.  

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